Funny or offensive? Halloween is here!

Good morning! I can’t believe I spent close to four (4) hours this morning (I woke up at 4 AM unable to sleep longer) writing a blog with a lot of links only to find it has disappeared. &^*%&^%  !!! I will try one more time to recreate my blog. If I’m not successful, you won’t be seeing it, now will you? I’m laughing on the outside.

It is Halloween time again. Before I got up this morning I watched a recap of the 10 PM news. There was a report about Target taking a Halloween outfit off the shelves. A group representing the Hispanic community found the costume offensive. What do you think? Is it funny or insensitive?

Illegal alien

Illegal alien

As you can see, the alien referred to is clearly the kind we usually see arriving in a UFO. I guess the representatives feel it hits too close to home since they assume it is directed towards them. The Hispanic community contains the largest number of illegal aliens in the United States. We probably have illegal aliens from almost every country on earth. Perhaps they all feel the same way about the costume.  If they do, do they have the right to be offended? Illegal is illegal. When did illegal aliens achieve the right to speak out about anything that offends them? Is the costume politically incorrect? What do you think? Here’s what msntoday has to say about it.

The newscast also mentioned two other costumes and asked if they were offensive.

Naughty Nun

Naughty Nun



Do you think it is correct to make a sex object out of nuns? Is is being too disrespectful? Is it making a mockery of women who have devoted their lives to serving God? They also mentioned the prison outfit. Are we being insensitive to those who have been incarcerated?  What about dressing up as a regular sister or priest? Is that within the realm of political correctness?

Nun and Priest

Nun and Priest

Should the garb of servants of the church be used for costumes, especially when the church is so set against Halloween? At least I think the Catholic church objects to the celebration. Does anyone know? I know there are plenty of evangelical churches who hold Fall Festivals rather than Halloween activities. Members of the congregation know the kinds  of costumes not appreciated. Some of them don’t allow any costumes.

The list is endless. What about the sexy female pilot, the sexy nurse, the sexy flight attendant, the sexy female doctor, the sexy teacher? Is it permissible on Halloween to sexually objectify women? Is that being politically incorrect? I said female since I’m guessing not too many men would object to be known as the sexy plumber. Men tend not to look at things the same way.

There was a blog recently that talked about trashy costumes aimed at teenage girls. This is a quote from the mother who wrote the blog. It has received 76 comments so far, so there are people who definitely have opinions on this matter. Many of the comments make a lot of sense. She was referring to an advertising circular.

I’m not trying to say this is Party City’s fault. It just happens to be the Halloween costume circular I looked at. But it is a problem over all in society.

I think it was the movie “Mean Girls’ a few years back that said Halloween was when teenage girls got to release their inner slut. I personally think that’s pretty scary!

Here is the Actual quote from Mean Girls:

Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.)

What about the portrayal of older women as witches? Now that I’m an older woman, I think about the possibility of scaring youngsters just because I am beginning to look older. So far wrinkles are being kind to me but I don’t know how long that will last. Do I want little children afraid of me because they remember the Halloween witches? Is it fair to make fun of this segment of society?

Is it ever OK to poke fun at someone else, or do we have to learn as a society to take a joke? What about those people who neverendingly have to take a joke? What happens to them? Columbine anyone? This site offers good suggestions for standing up for oneself, but not everybody is willing or able to do that.

Obese Cheerleader

Obese Cheerleader

What about the person who dresses in such a way knowing that their costume would deliberately ridicule someone who will be attending the same party? Is the costume of the obese cheerleader funny? What about a girl who is very self conscious about her weight? What if she has a medical problem? What if she uses food as comfort to escape feelings that are otherwise intolerable to her? What if there is someone who constantly taunts and bullies her at school about being fat, says “moo” when she walks by or calls her “thunder thighs”? What if she goes to the party and knows that the costume is just one more thing to humiliate her? What if she had had all that she can take and goes home and commits suicide? What if? Some people on the blog above tell the blogger to get a life. It’s only one night. It’s all meant for fun…but is it?

The last time I attended a Halloween party was many years ago. I hosted a party in my home which meant I was answering the door to trick-or-treaters. I dressed as Lady Godiva (I was in one of my thinner periods). I wore a long-sleeved to the ankles flesh (white) colored body suit. The neighborhood kids went home to tell their parents I was naked. The parents came to my home to investigate. My date for the night was a prisoner. Were we both being politically incorrect? Did he offend those who are behind bars? Did I offend nudists? That was back in the 80s before we had to be politically correct. But maybe the rightness of  taking into consideration the feelings of others should be of more importance to us than concerning ourselves with the political.


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2 responses to “Funny or offensive? Halloween is here!

  1. atticannie

    What’s wrong with rhetorical questions? It’s my blog and I’ll ask any kind of questions I want. 😉 (Big grin) I started this blog as my electronic journal. Can I help it if you read it every day? (Please don’t stop.)
    Bah humbug? Wrong holiday…put that one on ice for a couple more months!
    Did you check out the msntoday site to see why the illegal alien costume was objected to? I read it but I still don’t see anything in that costume other than a being from beyond. Do they really think Halloween is for the intelligentsia?
    We got our first TV when I was in third grade. I’m afraid Luigi was before my time. I do remember Amos and Andy and Cisco kid and Pancho however.
    We’ve gotten away from the devil and demons into the macabre…especially in our haunted houses.
    It’s ok to take a joke the first time around but when it happens repeatedly its time for some action other than Columbine). At that point it is bullying.
    That’s great that your church does the entertaining for the kids. Is there ANY celebration we hold in the US that isn’t a Hallmark Holiday? Get real…we’ve been mind-bent into thinking we must use Hallmark products at all occasions.
    Have a good night, Mike.

  2. It’s an odd world (country) where it’s OK for teenagers to dress up as seductive “French maids” (true, not all, but some), but the “illegal alien” is somehow “offensive”.

    Who would be offended? Illegal aliens?

    Should I really feel bad about illegal aliens being offended? (That’s a rhetorical question.)

    “At least I think the Catholic church objects to the celebration. Does anyone know? I know there are plenty of evangelical churches who hold Fall Festivals rather than Halloween activities.”

    I haven’t seen anything from Catholic Churches objecting. I’m in a middle-of the road Presbyterian church. We put on an “alternative Halloween” at the church every year. The pastor doesn’t ever go off on a “Halloween is the devil’s work!” tirade. Mainly, ours is a chance for city kids (we’re downtown) to be in a comfortable surrounding without having to worry about wearing the wrong color clothes in the wrong part of town.

    “Is it ever OK to poke fun at someone else, or do we have to learn as a society to take a joke?”

    Quiz time:Do you remember Old-Time radio – how about “Life with Luigi”:

    (That has a sample show, in mp3 format)

    Then there was “Amos & Andy”. I’ve heard more than a few of those, and I never found anything offensive about it. Amos and Andy were real human people, facing the same daily problems we all have.

    The Cisco Kid and his not-too-bright but loyal sidekick, Pancho.

    The point here is that we don’t need to learn to take a joke, we’ve always known that. we need to re-learn it, and try not to let the gimlet-eyed professors of pessimism take our fun away.

    What we need to learn is the fine line between making a joke with a smile or with a dagger.

    Anyway, what’s Halloween about, anyway? Strictly speaking, it’s “All Hallows Eve” – the day before All Saint’s Day (in the Catholic Church). It used to be the time when we mocked and laughed at the demons and evil spirits we thought were hiding out.

    I think that’s a good idea – the devil probably doesn’t like to be mocked.

    These days, it’s gotten to be another “Hallmark Holiday” – a day for buying more stuff, sending cards, getting way out of character (or maybe in some cases, allowing that dark inner character to come out).

    But my wife does love that night. She gets to meet the little kids dressed up as june bugs, little fairies, and whatever cute character was in the last kid’s movie.

    As for me – bah, Humbug!