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Food: An America in Crisis

A very common look

A very common look

Good morning. I try to scan some of the articles on msn to get ideas to blog. An article about what seven experts wouldn’t eat caught my eye. I read the list and then started going through other sources just to see what they said.

There are oodles of sources listed on google search for foods to avoid. In fact there are seventy five pages of lists!  I’ve been talking about my weight so I decided to look into it. In the interest of those who haven’t a clue what to eat, or what seems to be the case, what’s left to eat, I’ve made a short list.


The endocrinologist won’t eat canned tomatoes. The farmer won’t eat corn-fed beef .The toxicologist won’t eat microwave popcorn .The farm director won’t eat non-organic potatoes.The fisheries expert won’t eat farmed salmon.The cancer researcher won’t eat milk produced with artificial hormones. The organic foods expert won’t eat conventional apples.


Susan Lark, MD, an expert in women’s health issues, suggests avoiding the following:

Caffeine, alcohol, sugar and artificial sweetners, salt, red meat, eggs, dairy products, and margarine.


The following fast foods are the unhealthiest.

Burger King hash browns, Hardee’s Monster Biscuit, Denny’s Big Dipper French Toastix with margarine and syrup, Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll, Smoothie King Grape Expectations II (40 oz., McDonald’s Deluxe Breakfast, IHOP Big Steak Omelet, Bob Evans Stacked and Stuffed Caramel Banana Pecan Hotcakes.

http://www.msgtruth.org/avoid.htm There’s too many foods to list from fast food restaurants.


Foods to Avoid:

Solid fats –from land animals,  Trans (partially** hydrogenated) & most deep fry oils,  “Vegetable” oil: corn, sunflower or undefined industrial types.  The “white” -factory denatured- oils, Flour (white – refined) and flour-made pasta. The more finely ground the flour and the more boiled [less al dente] the noodle, the higher the “glycemic index” … not a healthy thing, White rice -the more “whole”, the better. Sugar White, brown, “glucose-fructose”, molasses***, corn syrup & most soft drinks. Dairy: Not everyone puts it in the avoid group but it’s a food with complications: NotDairy.com.


If you want to lose weight, in addition to the foods already mentioned, avoid  cakes, chocolate and milk bars, French fries, hot dogs, sausage, donuts, eggs, ice cream, nuts, pies (especially pecan).

One of my first disappointments was canned tomotoes. I eat those quite frequently thinking I am eating something healthy.  I guess I’ll have to change my eating habits.

There are foods to avoid for practically everything: prenancy, nursing, IBS, diabetes, celiac disease, heartburn, constipation, gout, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, milk sensitivity, diarrhea, yeast, gluten, diverticulitis, gluten intolerance, peanut intolerance, and the beat goes on, and the beat goes on.

You will notice that, if you do much research, much of the foods to avoid are due to additives. Manufacturers continue to add more sugar and salt to their products as our taste buds get used to the present levels. The companies started messing around with nature when they made additives for the milk and did genetic engineering on corn. In an effort to make food more plentiful and cheap the amount of -cides in  our food chain is astounding. The use of certain packaging causes chemicals to leach into the foods, especially if they are nuked or the foods are acidic.

What are we to do? I don’t have a clue. There’s a Central Market near my home but I’m on a fixed income. I told my friend one of my dreams would be to have enough money to buy all my food there. They are very particular in what they sell, but $5.00 for a gallon of milk gives me pause to think. I did see where Walmart’s Great Value milk does not have the added hormones.

American food consumers have been asleep far too long. We have let food companies continue to add ingredients that are proven to cause detrimental effects. We allow them to hide any negative research that would cause their product to be removed from the shelves. We sit back and gorge on fast foods and snacks instead of eating balanced meals. We ignore the warnings in documentaries such as Supersize Me, and Fast Food: Food, Inc. This blog is very interesting from sugar stackers.

Sugar anyone?

Sugar anyone?

Check out comparisons of other beverages here. It’s not a pretty thought. I have read several sources that say sweetners are no better for our health.

We have taken physical education (sometimes the only movement a child gets) out of the school day and gotten ourselves so used to gigantic proportions that we now consider them normal. If we eat only what is required in controlled portions, we go away from the table hungry.

In the meantime, chronic conditions like obesity and diabetes are skyrocketing out of sight among Americans, especially our children. One out of three children are now in that condition with pre-diabetes, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Throw in high cholesterol and high tri-glycerides and you’ve got the makings of heart disease.

Now unfortunately I am definitely not in a holier-than-thou position to be lecturing, if that’s how you wish to view this blog. I am overweight and have been off and on since third grade. I just talked about that on October 17 on my blog “I am Motivated”. It has been a constant struggle. I know I did an awful lot of emotional eating. I squelched my feelings with whole packages of cookies or half gallons of ice cream. I hd trigger foods, like spaghetti or macaroni,  that once I start eating them I never got a full signal and ate until I was gorged. I would sneak foods and feel ashamed while I was eating but I would do it anyway.  Fortunately, that problem seems to be easing somewhat. However, fast food was still so much easier than cooking and I noticed for a while I was slipping back into that pattern again.

Someone more of an expert than I needs to get together with a huge committee of people to decide what needs to be done and then GIT ER DONE. The Food and Drug Administration seems in too many situations to bow to the political pressure of large manufacturers to stifle uncomplimentary reports.

In the meantime, we are getting more obese and more sick with chronic illnesses by the day. Yes, I include myself in the group.

I don’t know what we need to do but I do know we have to do something and do it now. Who has suggestions out there?


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