Global Warming Global Warning

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I’m sorry I missed the news. I was not aware of this eventin time. Here’s some news of those who participated.

Perhaps next year I will find out about it early enough to participate. It will be exciting to hear how many bloggers discussed the climate this year.

In a way I am very happy that at my age I will not be around too much longer to really suffer the effects of the climate change that is happening. That can’t be a cop out however because in my recent educational spiritual  journey,  I’m beginning to think more along the lines of reincarnation!

That’s a big whoops in my attitude about things. Karma is starting to make more sense. Frightening sense but sense nevertheless. Perhaps I shouldn’t just say that I probably won’t be that affected and say instead that I was given a voice to speak my opinion. Perhaps I should use it now.

I doubt if anyone can still keep their heads buried in the sand and deny that warming is taking place. To do so is denial of scientific fact at its best. At its worst, if the denial is based purely on personal economic benefit or cost, it is sheer stupidity and greed. (Remember karma.) I am unable to download this video but please feel free to listen to Rep. John Boehner.

Rep. John Boehner cites cows’ flatulence to defend his sacred carbon emissions 

Records from land stations and ships indicate that the global mean surface temperature warmed by about 0.9°F since 1880 (see Figure 1). These records indicate a near level trend in temperatures from 1880 to about 1910, a rise to 1945, a slight decline to about 1975, and a rise to present (NRC, 2006). The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) concluded in 2007 that warming of the climate system is now “unequivocal,” based on observations of increases in global average air and ocean temperatures, widespread melting of snow and ice, and rising global average sea level (IPCC, 2007).

global warming

Climate change brings with it human suffering. There is no denial that prolonged droughts have caused the deaths of a multitude of people all over the world. Increased major storms and flooding are continuing to wreak havoc everywhere. Last week’s snow in the midwest and on Saturday in the northeast are unprecedented. Winter wasn’t even over in some areas of the northeast until late spring. Are we now anticipating two seasons of the year? October Snow

                                      October snow.

We seem to have so many calls to action in our world today that in order not to go crazy we will have to pick our battles carefully. Do we fight deforestation, gas emissions, air pollution, CO2 buildup? What? Where do we even begin?

CO2 increase in the atmosphere

CO2 increase in the atmosphere 

Causes of greenhouse gases

Causes of greenhouse gases

Granted there are many causes for climate change that can not be in our control. It’s just nature rolling the dice. You won’t need to write to me to express those concepts. I already know. But look at the graph above. Isn’t it time to change the industrial output, our cars, etc. From what I understand, we can even help the cows have less gas if we were to allow them to graze on grass instead of the current feed they are receiving. Better yet, the amount of cattle being raised is growing exponentially. Perhaps we should decrease our intake of beef instead. Now I’m not at this point advocating everyone become vegetarian but cutting down the consumption significantly would do us more good than harm.

As a nation of people, I think we, the people, are starting to “get it”. The question is how do we makes the changes necessary? How do we let the industrial captains and their hired lobbyists who so badly influence Congress understand that we need or stronger yet, demand, immediate action? How do we use our voices in a way they will be heard?

Since there’s so much out there on climate change and bloggers just added so much more, I’ll make this short today. I thought I’d share with you a poem. Namaste. Attic Annie

Global Warming Global Warning

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 Global warning global warming

Global warming global warning


From what I’m learning from what they say

The world temperature is climbing day by day

The water at sea level is a risin’

Could Lubbock beach sunsets be on the horizon?


Global warning global warming

Global warming global warning


What’s that? You’re hungry? You want some beef?

Just drive up to the field out by the dead reef

You’ll see hot cows standing in clumps

Just carve your burgers right off of their rumps


Global warming global warning

Global warning global warming


You’re thirsty? You want to drink something cold?

Well, we can serve you, if you’ll be a little bold

When you see the iceberg come floating by

Just grab a bucketful of chips on the fly


Global warming global warning

Global warning global warming


Disease carrying mosquitoes are on their way

When dengue fever’s common there’ll be hell to pay

If you walk outside and get malaria

Just make sure there’s someone left to bury ya’


Global warming global warning

Global warning global warming


Number 5 hurricanes increasing in number

Beetles in Alaska decimating the lumber

Severe droughts in the south and west, floods in the east

Could we be approaching the belly of the beast?


This public service announcement brought to you by Exxon-Mobil, Royal Dutch Petroleum, Saudi Arabia, livestock breeders, and public and private vehicle makers and drivers  everywhere!


Global warming global warning!


 May not be published in any form without writer’s permission

Attic Annie


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5 responses to “Global Warming Global Warning

  1. atticannie

    I believe that it is possible to invent a car engine that can be run on water or natural gas. Such an engine already exists. Now we have to adapt our cars…which will be a political hurdle. It will be hard for you to change my mind. I don’t have that many opinions…besides, there’s not that much left to change! 🙂 Shalom, AA

  2. atticannie

    Hi ZZ, or is it Mike,
    Thanks for the reply. I think I’ve seen you around here before. I have heard your side of this issue before and to tell you the truth I don’t know who to believe.
    Even if human activity has nothing to do with global warming (and to be fair I did say that “Granted there are many causes for climate change that can not be in our control. It’s just nature rolling the dice. You won’t need to write to me to express those concepts. I already know.”) I still think it is time to get off our addiction to oil even if it’s just to clean up the air which is important to a whole bunch of those with lung problems. AA

    • It would be nice to get off our addiction to oil – but that would make a major change to our society.

      Nowadays, here in California, we can get Florida oranges (and they can get ours), cheese from Switzerland, corn from Iowa, …

      All delivered by train and truck, ship and plane.

      And we can get from California to New York or Paris in less than a day.

      Maybe those are all luxuries we can live without – like we did 50 years ago.

      Life was simpler back then – but it was shorter.

      My big problem with the global warming crowd is that it’s become so politicized – it’s almost reached the level of a religion (the old Earth-worshipping kind). It gives people something to feel guilty about, it has its set of high priests (Al Gore &c); it gives us a way to do penance (just make those carbon-offset donations). And that’s one of the reasons it not all that easy to figure out.

      I like what you write about, and the way you write about it. I’m not going to try to change your mind (just the occasional “well, look at this”).


  3. “I doubt if anyone can still keep their heads buried in the sand and deny that warming is taking place. To do so is denial of scientific fact at its best.”

    Unfortunately, all of those so-called”scientific facts” are mostly made up. There are probably more scientists now that will tell us that global warming is not happening, or if it is, we (the people) had nothing to do with it. The Sun is a much stronger driver of Earth’s climate than anything else.

    I don’t want to clutter up your blog with a lot of global warming stuff, so I’ll just give you one link that I found a few minutes ago:

    (I don’t know if this system takes URL references)

    “I read that treaty. And what it says is this, that a world government is going to be created. The word ‘government’ actually appears as the first of three purposes of the new entity. The second purpose is the transfer of wealth from the countries of the West to third world countries, in satisfaction of what is called, coyly, ‘climate debt’ – because we’ve been burning CO2 and they haven’t.
    . . .
    Lord Monckton gave a detailed analysis of the claim the human made carbon emissions are causing a rise in the Earth’s temperature and then demolished it utterly.”

    I suspect you might be old enough to have heard from grandparents about the Dust Bowl. We didn’t do that.

    The eruption of Mt Krakatoa in 1883 did more damage wold-wide than any other catastrophe:

    “In the year following the eruption, global temperatures were lowered by as much as 1.2 degree Centigrade on the average. Weather patterns continued to be chaotic for years and there were major climatological changes which affected the entire globe. Temperatures did not return to normal until five years later, in 1888.”

    I could give you good reasons to ignore the IPCC report, but that’s another story.