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Dreary days and luscious sleep

Saturday was another milestone for me as a blogger. I wrote my 100th blog after starting in July. I never thought I’d have it in me to be able to write everyday.

As a matter of fact, it is after 11 on Sunday night and I’m trying to wrack my brain as to anything significant to say for today’s blog. I’m so glad I’m not getting paid to do this or have any deadlines to meet. I think that would be too much pressure to turn out a column every day because I would have to.

The past weekend was really wasted as far as I’m concerned. Ri-Leigh did get blessed although she wasn’t too cooperative. For those of you in northern climes, you’ll laugh when I say it was in the low 50s. I only wore a tee shirt with a denim shirt over it and a pair of jeans. It was not raining at the time but the air was saturated with dampness. I got a chill.

My body is very funny. Usually I’m comfortably warm, but if I get a chill, it chills me to the bone. I was OK there for about a half hour visiting with the other people. Ri-Leigh doesn’t get much of a chance to be with other dogs so I stood around and let her meet a few, or rather, I let them try to meet her. She really is not very sociable. She barely tolerated other sniffers. It gave me a chance to meet a couple of people I did not know. Once I got chilled, however, I had to go. That is a very uncomfortable feeling for me. I ran the heater in the car full blast until I got home, which only took about seven minutes. I could have headed for the hot shower but I just chose to crawl under my comforter until the coldness passed.

This morning the weather was more of the same. I chose to stay at home rather than to go to church. That is not usual for me. Since finding this church I have only missed two or three Sundays a year unless I have been out of town. I know I should have gone because it always makes me feel better to be with the friends I have made there. However, that time was not wasted. There is a channel on called Link. Television without borders. This morning there was a moderator on a program called Global Spirit who was interviewing a Buddhist and a Sufi mystic talking about the necessity of global oneness. There was a news clip about a Catholic archbishop in Equador who calls himself a rebel because he preaches that all gods are the same god. He too believes in the oneness of God. That is refreshing to hear. It was almost like being at my church.

I am by nature reclusive, however, and some days I just choose to hibernate. I’m glad I’m not a type A personality because on days like this I would probably drive myself crazy with my inactivity. I just convince myself that if sleep is what my body needs then I am in a position to let my body have it.

About a year ago I bought one of those foam toppers for my bed. I convinced myself that  I would never be able to get one of those tempur pedic mattresses even if I could rationalize it would last me the rest of my life. This topper would have to be an alternative.

You know something has got to be expensive if there are no prices listed on their web sites or TV commercials. Add in the fact they are willing to throw in $299 of free shipping, you know you are shopping in the wrong neighborhood. The advertisements say you can have ninety days to make up your mind. That’s great, but I don’t see any place where it says they are the ones who will pay for the return shipping. That’s $300 right there and you end up with nothing.

My little 1 1/2″ topper makes my bed quite comfortable when I focus on actually laying on it. Most of the time I don’t even pay any attention to what is underneath me. When I do focus on the topper it really is quite nice. It’s supportive but gives under my body to kind of cradle me too.

It’s nice not to be bothered by anyone on days like these when I can get up or lay down as often as I like. Even Ri-Leigh seems to enjoy these laid back days. Once in a while I’ll catch her in the living room in one of the chairs.She’s not supposed to get on the furniture. She chooses to ignore that command.  She behaved for a while when I didn’t put up the screens to keep her out, but she didn’t hear me coming tonight and by the time she heard me, I heard her jumping down from one of them. The screens went back up.

Most of the time she lays outside my bedroom door or she will work her way behind the rocker and seek out the corner. The only time I know she is in my room is when I hear her tags jingle as she moves.

I thought I was down for the night about an hour ago. I wasn’t going to write anything until tomorrow, but sometimes if I start writing, the words start once again to flow. It’s now almost midnight and the tiredness is starting to get to me again. I can go back to bed feeling very thankful that if this is the way I want to spend the weekend, I have the luxury of doing so.

You all have a good day and enjoy yourself. If your body says rest then rest, even if it is no longer Sunday afternoon. Namaste. Attic Annie

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