Mosquitos and 80s fashion ugh!

Good morning. My newspaper gets delivered in the morning but there are some days I just don’t feel like reading it until the day is almost done.

I didn’t even go outside to pick it up until about 5 o’clock. Sometimes no news is better than what is in the paper.

There were two things that right away bothered me. One was the swarm of mosquitos that are around these days thanks to the torrents we had a couple of weeks ago. One of them found its way into the house and is probably just waiting until I go to bed to pounce and suck my blood. I swatted at it but it eluded my efforts to expedite its demise. I never used to think of mosquitos as more than a bother but with the occurence of West Nile virus, I pay a little more attention to the little pests. So far, according to my very brief search, my county has only had one case of West Nile so the odds are in my favor that I am safe. Dallas to the east has had twelve and Denton to the north has had two so its still relatively rare in this part of the state, but I don’t know how far those infected little nuisances can fly.

I have a neighbor who no longer uses his pool. That’s a breeding ground happening. The water is stagnant and is not filtered. I don’t usually think about it since it is behind a wood fence, but when I get attacked it comes back to mind how close the pool actually is to my property. The past two days its been impossible to sit out on the front porch without them swarming.

Enough of that. Hopefully the mosquitos will soon be gone for the season although here in the warmer south, I’m not sure when that season ends. We are due for another gully washer on Thursday so maybe that will give them enough standing water to recycle again.

I have one of those liter water bottle dispensers  out in the patio so that Ri-Leigh can have water without running out. Some days she drinks quite a bit, others she hardly touches it. She has no average amount of consumption. This morning when I put her food out for her, there were a couple of tiny squirming things swimming in her water. I had to throw that water out and get her fresh. Maybe until the critters are gone I’m going to have to start refilling a smaller bowl several times a day or only filling the bottle half full. I don’t know if swallowing mosquito larvae is harmless to a dog or not but I don’t really want to take a chance.

I said at the beginning there were two things that bothered me. In the Your Life section of the paper it talked about the “Flashback” of styles to the 80s. Wasn’t that fashion era ugly enough without recycling it so soon? The thought of the 1988 movie Working Girl with Ford and Griffith flashed in mind. The shoulder pads, spandex, big hair, blue eye shadow…I shuddered.

The pictures shown are of a girl in stretch denim leggings, and another one in a Michael Jackson-inspired military jacket. Ugh!

Now let’s face it. There is a very narrow weight range where leggings actually leggingslook good. Girls who think it is fashionable to look like a skeleton all year do not look good in tight leggings. Neither do those whose legs look like stuffed sausages. This young woman doesn’t look too bad, but her legs could possibly be a little big bigger around. She just looks slender. Maybe she’s a dancer. She doesn’t look emaciated yet like some of the young girls running around. But then I am not one to criticize. I never looked like this for a second. For some reason I always thought that those who wore leggings out in public forgot to add the skirt that should have gone over it.


military style jacketAs for the military style jacket, take a look at this one. I didn’t like it first time around. I thought it had been buried for a while. It’s been resurrected much too soon.

To make fashion complete, I suppose the big hair and the blue eye shadow will be making a fashion come back as well.

80s hair stylesRemember Dynasty? Maybe I’m just jealous that I never had that much hair to wear it that big anyway.








Of course how could we ever forget the blue eye shadow? Weren’t these girls lovely?







Well, the only thing left is the shoulder pads. Why women ever wanted to look like football players I never did understand. Supposedly the big shoulders were part of a power statement as the women tried to break through the glass ceilings. I’m not sure how well that worked.  I didn’t have to invest in shoulder pads because my shoulders already look like those of a football player. I had to buy the outfit and come home to cut the pads out. Here’s hoping the current designers are a little more kind to women this time around.  Namaste. Attic Annie



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  1. tierza`

    i think the 80’s are pretty cool there style is different. (:

  2. Ron

    Nice post – 80’s fashion pictures ..Keep Posting– Tip: Keep your post active- commenting helps it – Ron 80’s fashion pictures