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Losing a contingency (sigh)

Unfortunately, today is not a happy day. At midnight the contingency I had on the house I wanted to buy expires. That means that the owners may continue to promise to hold their home for me until I sell my home or they may try to find another buyer for their property.

They have had their house for sale by owner for almost a year. I have no idea what they will want to do. October is not the best month to put a house up for sale. I have invested more than $400 in that house for an inspection and earnest money. That is money that is down the drain for me.

The inspectors have a good thing going for them. Potential buyers can’t just pay me for an inspection already done. The owners have to divulge that they have an inspection. I’m just out.

Next time I think I’ll wait until my house is sold before I pay for another inspection on another house. I was really confident that my house would sell in ten weeks time.

All the people who have looked at my house really love the neighborhood and the area and the house. Except they all say the same thing. They feel they would have to do too much to upgrade the house. They want the granite counter tops, the updated baths, the plastered walls that they would find in a new house. They want it in a house that is fifty two years old.

It does not behoove me to pay for all the upgrades and still have to ask for the same amount of money I am asking now. I have affirmed that this house will sell and I will find just the right house. The universe just hasn’t heard me yet. I believe in positive affirmations. I believe in positive affirmations. I keep telling myself I believe in positive affirmations.

I never did feng shui this house. A friend of mine loaned me a book. I kind of put it aside. Maybe today I should take a serious look at the book. My house is oriented northwest to southeast. That makes putting things in north, south, east, or west corners a challenge.

I buried Saint Joseph next to the For Sale sign like one of the internet sites instructed. I didn’t mark where I buried him because it was right in front of the leg of the sign. I could have buried him right by the brick mailbox I had built this year, but too many neighborhood dogs now use it as a substitute fire hydrant. I didn’t think Joseph would appreciate a daily shower. He is still buried in the same spot. However, the real estate agent moved the sign closer to the road. Saint Joseph is out there in the yard somewhere but I’ll never be able find him again. Does that disqualify his help in the sale of my home?

Actually, there is someone who is very interested in my home. I buried Joseph on Friday and he showed up on Sunday. However, he is having problems with squatters who are taking up residence in a rental home he owns. There is supposed to be some kind of hearing October 2 and if that doesn’t go his way and the problem is settled,  there’s supposed to be something else in December. He is trying to get the people to sign a lease so he can start getting rent money out of them. He claims that they are saying he GAVE the house to them. I have a friend who owns rental property. She says that once someone takes up residence in your rental property it is almost impossible to get them out again. I hope everything works out for this couple. This house needs little children to grow up within its walls. They have a 1 1/2 year old darling little girl and want to have more. This home needs that.

What really is encouraging is that his wife loved everything just the way it is. She doesn’t see a lot of work to make this house their home.

Not much is new today. I told Maxine last night that coming up with a topic to blog about every day is really becoming a challenge. Sometimes I see something that I can write over a thousand words about and still have words to spare. Today doesn’t seem to be one of those.

I hope you have a good day. Namaste. Attic Annie


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