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Culture in Cowtown

Good morning. I have decided that from time to time when I haven’t been particularily moved by some topic that I will write about people who impress me.

A friend and I took advantage of the free museum tours today to get out for a Saturday get together. She works full time so we really don’t have that much time to get together but today was too pretty not to do something.

All of the museums in the cultural district of town decided to offer a no charge day as a gift to the citizens of the entire county. I thought it was a great idea. In this time of recession, the good people of this town really needed some cultural diversion. They must have agreed. The place was packed all around the entire district. The North Texas Medical School even had free water on several corners. I thought that was a wonderful idea, especially since I was quite thirsty. It was hotter than I thought it would be.

We had planned to go earlier but one thing led to another and we didn’t get up to the cultural district until around one. We had nothing particular in mind other than to see one of Michaelangelo‘s first paintings that the world-known Kimball Art Museum has acquired for its permanent collection. Now what’s really great about this acquisition is the fact that it is the first Michaelangelo painting to enter an American collection and here it is right in my adopted home town!

michelangelo_saint_anthony-150x150 Now what’s so unique about this painting is that he did it when he was twelve or thirteen years old. It’s called “The Torment of St. Anthony.” Now that is talent! Of course if  kids drew this today, they’d probably get sent to the counselor for testing. It made me wonder how many of our American artists-to-be are escaping notice in our schools. Believe me, as a teacher, I’ve seen plenty of young kids drawing all kinds of fantasy creatures. We just call them doodles and make the kids throw them away if they draw in class when they “should be paying attention” to the stuff that will appear on the standardized state tests. I am saddened every time I realize how little American kids get training in the arts. The first classes to be cut during budget crises are always art, band, dance, and choir.

I know of one woman here in town who didn’t let lack of funds in school stop her from being an artist. She’s the one I really started to write about. We were in the building called the Community Arts Center which used to be the Modern Art Museum before the new museum was built. I turned the corner and saw one of her works.  There was a scupture of a fish as if it were jumping out of the water to catch the fly at the end of a fishing line. The fish must be six foot tall and the fishing line probably nine feet long. The fish was close to the middle of the room and the pole was near the wall. It’s an awesome work. You can see a picture of it down below.

Of course I happen to think everything Rebecca Low sculpts is awesome. She designed the modern art fountain that is in the Peace Garden on the campus of our church.                                                                                Fountain 2                Fountain1            Fountain 3                                                        

I’m hoping you will be able to enlarge these pictures to get a better look at the fountain. If not, at least you can experience the peaceful feeling that is evident in our garden.

RebeccaHere Fishy Fishy has her own studio which she graceously shares for a variety of functions. Instead of copying everything from her own web site, I’m just linking this blog to her site this morning. Just click on her name and you’ll be able to see a fraction of what is has done. She has a wonderful sense of humor. I hope you enjoy her works. In case you are a fisher and love sculpture, I think you will really enjoy this piece. The painting in the background is the banks of the Trinity River. Everything in Texas is bigger than life. Imagine pulling something this size out of the river.

If you are ever in Fort Worth, call Rebecca and ask if you can tour her studio. She’s out on Camp Bowie West. What’s fascinating about her studio is her humungous pile of scrap metal in the yard behind the building. To an untrained eye it’s an eyesore. To Rebeccas, it’s the next great work of art.

Enjoy your tour of her studio and have a blessed Sunday. Namaste.

Attic Annie

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