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Little grains of “rice”

pet-microchip-3This “grain of rice” makes me nervous. I think people should be thinking long and hard before we go down this road.

I’m talking about the futuristic chip that will soon have a million and one uses…or does have a million and one uses already just waiting for people to accept them.

on the skin

on the skin

From what I can gather, the idea of implanting these chips was originally for medical purposes. It would identify unconscious patients being brought into the emergy room and aid the doctors by giving access to medical histories. The idea has been around for a while. It is not brand new. The VeriChip company got FDA approval in 2004. Some suggest imbedding in a hand, others in an upper arm.

Now I have to admit, as I grow older, I begin to think about just such a situation. There may not always be someone with me if I have an accident or pass  out because of medical causes. I realize that medical records are being transferred to computers, but does that now mean that every hospital everywhere in the US or perhaps the world, will soon have access to my medical records? I currently use three doctors…my PCP, cardiologist, and gynocologist the last two for yearly check-ups.  Are those records all going to be available in one central location? What about my various surgeries all at different hospitals depending upon the surgeon?

If the situation is life threatening, how much time will the ER doctor have to sit down at the computer and bring up medical records? If I can’t breathe, I think I’d rather have some CPR going for me. Or, in my case, would the chip simply say Type 2 diabetes, aortic heart valve, warfarin?

I have often thought of this before. My PCP keeps all his records on computer now but he does not do any hosptial visits. The hospital with which he is associated has its own doctors, as do the majority of hospitals these days. I think about whether they will ever have access to his computers on weekends.  I don’t know. I’m thinking they don’t now, but will they sometime in the future?  How would hosptial doctors  know my medical history if I were unconscious and unable to tell them?

Chip implanted

Chip implanted

I guess allowing any hospital emergency room person to have access to medical records could be life-saving. But isn’t the other side of that coin more people who could become identity thieves? What are the safe guards in that situation? Every medical record now uses SS numbers. Low level clerks could find out name, age, birthdate, SS number, etc. at the push of a computer key. They wouldn’t even have to work in medical records. It’s scary enough that every doctor I am referred to has that information in his/her file, considering the turn-over of office personnel. I’m guessing it would be impossible to find out where the leak happened. Of course every hospital asks this information now and I oblige by giving them everything they ask for.

In researching this topic, I ran across a troubling article. Research studies have been performed on lab animals and the results show that these radio frequency implantable devices (RFIDs) caused malignant tumors. Now testing for cancers caused by RFIDs in humans has not yet been done, even though these devices are now being implanted. This is scary:

In humans, sarcomas, which strike connective tissues, can range from the highly curable to “tumors that are incredibly aggressive and can kill people in three to six months,” he said.

This link is very interesting because it talks about who knew what and when. It may be another case of a cover up of information. A company named Verichip is the leading company behind these medical devices. I found a very interesting paragraph in this link:

The FDA is overseen by the Department of Health and Human Services, which, at the time of VeriChip’s approval, was headed by Tommy Thompson. Two weeks after the device’s approval was formally announced on Jan. 10, 2005, Thompson left his Cabinet post, and within five months was a board member of VeriChip Corp. and Applied Digital Solutions. He was compensated in cash and stock options.

Besides allowing for quick dispersion of medical records, there is also talk of creating scanners in stores. All it would take to buy something would be the swish of a hand over a scanner. We wouldn’t even have to take the time to get out a credit card. Now I know there are compulsive shoppers now, but how more compulsive might they become if they don’t even have to think before paying? On the plus side, I guess that might cut down on stolen credit cards. On the negative side, how long before some ghoulish thief decides to remove the implant by whacking off a hand?

Now I can’t see anybody carrying a hand into a department store, but in a safer place the chip could certainly be removed from the dismembered appendage.

Other uses for the chip I read were things like opening security doors, and car doors, turning on car engines, turning on lights inside  a home. It even mentions being able to walk into a chichi nightclub without being barred. Now THAT’S worth getting an implant for. Uh huh.

It mentions RFIDs being equipped to locate someone with a GPS system. On the plus side, if I get lost in the woods or out in the desert, that’s not a bad idea. However, what happens if I am then monitored 24/7 who can track me at any time, anywhere? That idea has already been suggested as a use for Alzeimer’s patients.

Vets and dog catchers are pushing for the implanting of these chips in our pet’s ear. I was considering doing it to Ri-Leigh before I read information some time ago about the possibility of cancer. I think for the time being her old-fashioned ID that she wears on her collar with my phone number is identification enough. And as for me, I’m maybe, kinda, sorta beginning to think about those Life Alert pendants to wear around my neck. The chips are too George Orwellian for me. If you are too young to know that name, you might “enjoy” reading 1984 and Animal Farm. These little devices could fit right in. Since today is Sunday, I think I’ll offer a little extra prayer that these devices don’t really catch on. Or if they do, that they never turn into something required by our government, or that I be long gone and my body cremated after being donated to medical science…but wait…maybe they would keep me artificially alive and inject me with those suckers ALL over my BODY! Ugh! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Namaste. Attic Annie

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