Will Ri-Leigh be crazy all day?

Good morning…I think. This is going to be a crazy day. I can feel it. So can Ri-leigh. She’s really beginning to get the hang of going out in the morning. For most of the time I’ve had her, she got very wound up when I headed toward the door. She’d start jumping up on me (with nails she won’t let me trim). She tried it again this morning but it was a half-hearted jump that didn’t make contact compared to jumps in the past.

I want her to sit and wait until I unlock the patio door. She’s getting better about it every day but some days she just doesn’t realize she can’t sit right next to the door because it swings into the room. She has to sit further away so I can actually open the door! I want her to wait until I give her permission to walk out but as soon as she sees me reaching for the door handle her eyes focus on the bottom of the door and no longer on me so she can spring into action.

I’ve had her almost four years next month. When I first got her, she insisted on pulling me around the circle. I couldn’t walk her very far because it was too strenuous for me. Now we have graduated to the place where usually she will walk by my side on the leash and the leash remains slack. I don’t even know sometimes that she is beside me.  She’s funny about taking walks. Once in a while she’ll stop and sniff to see who’s been there but not often. She never does her business anywhere other than in my backyard. As soon as we get back  home she’s very anxious to get her leash off and head back there. She gets a gold star for that. I compare that to the number of flunking dog walkers in my neighborhood whom I watch as they let their dogs continually re-christen my new brick mail box and occasionally leave other “presents” out there as well. (sigh) What ever happened to civility and respect for the property of others? It’s my MAILBOX!

She has never begged for anything while I am eating. She has occasionally torn open the grocery sack where I put the day’s boxes and cans to lick what is left out of the package. So far I know that she likes carrots, ice cubes, and peanut butter which she very politely and gently takes from my hand. She also LOVES “Beggin’ Bits”.

The only reason she got started on peanut butter was that at first she wouldn’t take the prescription the doctor gave me so I dipped the pill and she scarfed it down. I had stopped giving her the prescription after about twelve days. She seemed to be able to walk and run without any problem. Yesterday when I got up, she was hopping like a bunny with both back legs moving at the same time again. She hadn’t started limping  with her back leg held up, yet. Maybe I’m being too concerned. In a past life she could have been Jimmy Stewart’s friend Harvy. I’m beginning to see some validity in the theory of reincarnation. Perhaps all life forms reincarnate. Something to think about.

Anyhow…as to why this is going to be an unusual day…

I let Ri-leigh out and sat down to blog. I started toward my bedroom door to get something and I heard her give out a high pitched yipyipyip. I opened the patio door to see what was wrong. She came bounding in as if on a race track. This is something she usually does outside in the yard. I have a tile floor and on top of that I have a woven rug that is under a coffee table. She raced in and rounded the table three times at top speed, scrunching up the rug in the process. Around and around. She came up to me and bounded back again, running to the entrance to my bedroom, turning around and repeating her behavior again. She wouldn’t go inside my bedroom, just up to the carpet. I stepped inside and said ,”WHAT? Is there something in here? Is my guardian angel visiting me?” (I wish I knew how to talk “dog”.) She sat for a moment, cocked her head to the side, and then walked away back out onto the patio. My family room was no longer a race track.

My whole yard is fenced with cyclone fencing. The old fence fell into a state of disrepair several years after my ex and I moved in here. He took the wood from the old fence and concocted a fence along the back side of our carport. He strung wire fencing along the bottom so our dog couldn’t get out. This is where, on cool days she likes to spend her time. Watching the carport. I guess the concrete might absorb a little heat, although with all the rain we’ve been having, I can’t imagine it is very warm right now.

Most of the time she gets excited when she thinks I am going to leave. I guess a better phrase is anxiety attacks. She refuses to stay in the house when I am not here. That’s a part of her history I guess I’ll never know. Maybe she thought since I was heading for the bedroom, I was planning on preparing to leave. As soon as she hears the car, she’s racing back and forth in the back yard both when I leave and when I return. The whole neighborhood knows without looking that I am either coming or going.

Little does she know that in about an hour I will start getting dressed for my monthly WOW (wise older women) luncheon. Maybe she’s psychic and just didn’t realize she was getting excited too far ahead of time.

If anything extraordinary happens the rest of the day, I’ll blog about it tomorrow. Today is Friday but this will appear on Saturday.

 Some time tomorrow I’ll probably log my 2,000 visitor to my blog. The funniest thing about my readers is, the biggest hit is my poem about “I Want a Pair of Cowboy Boots” . It’s received 468 hits so far. There sure are a lot of people who are on line looking for cowboy boots. The second largest number of hits is “Everybody on Stage Now” with 179 hits. I can’t imagine why that one is gathering so much attention. I was just talking about staging my house for sale…which still hasn’t happened. The progressive luncheon was cancelled. There is another open house this Saturday. Anyway, I digress. There is a DVD being sold on the internet by an English group called “Pendragon: And Now Everboy to the Stage”. Perhaps that is what is being googled or binged or whatever other search engine is out there.

Today is cool and overcast again but I’ll take that over summer’s blast furance anytime. Ya’ll have a good day today. y’hear? Namaste. Attic Annie


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