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Just a plain nice day

Good morning. If you are reading this on another site, please tell me who has added it to their web site. I don’t mind at all, I’m just curious. Please leave a reply. 

Ever have one of those days when nothing in particular happens but it just feels like a good day? Today was like that.

I drove my ten miles to the chiropractor and had my thirteenth visit out of twenty. I was leery at first, but I’m really beginning to feel a significant difference in my posture. My back is much straighter and it’s feeling unnatural to slump. My muscles are holding much longer too. The regimen is still the same. She uses the tens on me which is very relaxing in a muscle twitching sort of way, then I have to lay against a wedge and hang my head backwards and down. Depending on whether the bench has been moved, I sometimes can see my face in the mirror. It reminds me that I look like the figure in  The Scream by Edvard Munch.  My chin is long and narrow in this position and very prominent on top and my eyes bulge. It’s funny.

Turn the picture upside down. Then you can see my face as I see it in the mirror

Turn the picture upside down. Then you can see my face as I see it in the mirror

 I started out with three minutes but I am now up to nine. The maximum is ten. You should try to regain your balance after doing that. After that, she attaches the headband to my forehead. Since my head is round, the band has to practically cover my eyes to get it to stay without slipping off. I had to step back even further today and pull the rubber cord even harder. This is really WORK! This is the event where you are supposed to make like a chicken.

 You stand with your hands behind your back and move your neck muscles and your head forward as far as you can and then back again like a chicken does when it walks. Maybe you’ve never seen a chicken walk. I watched another guy this morning doing it wrong. He was raising and lowering his chin instead of jutting it forward and backward. He just didn’t have the hang of it. I didn’t think it was my place to say anything. He comes about the same time I do and if he comes back again I may mention what he’s doing to the physician’s assistant to correct it.

I wasn’t lucky today. Some days they let me lie on my back on the roller which to me is heaven. It runs up and down my spine. I lay there without the pillow so it can really get at my neck. If anyone wants to  make me feel good, all they have to do is massage my sacrum and I turn to putty. If I’m on the roller long enough, that area is massaged seven to ten times. I sometimes purr for the rest of the day.

This is the area. Unfortunately, the machine does not look like this

This is the area. Unfortunately the machine does not quite look like this…nor do I.

It’s about a twelve mile drive from my first stop to the second. I’ve been trying to find a “golden oldies’ station to listen to in my car. My dentist plays one in his office and I finally found it on my dial. I’ve turned into my father’s generation complaining about modern music. When I try to listen to the popular music today, the singer is drowned out by the backup band and I can’t hear the words. They use echo chambers so it sounds like they are singing into tin cans. The words aren’t worth listening to. They sing one phase over and over again for the full song. I came home and googled top hits. Out of the billboard top 100 I heard about ten that I thought were worth listening to. Now that doesn’t include country music. I don’t mind it, but I’ve never been a big fan. My chiropractor plays it. One hour three times a week is more than enough.  Anyway, I usually listen to PBS, but occasionally I like music and am happy to have found a channel where I can still hear the words, the music is definitely in the background and is not so sexually explicit as modern songs. Now music in the 60s and 70s sang about the same thing, they just didn’t use quite as graphic a vocabulary, and I can sing the words to most of the songs.

My next stop was to the pharmacy to get my HP ink cartridges filled. I’d never done that before but I realized a significant amount of money can be saved, especially when filling the colored cartridges. I was impressed with the savings. It’s worth it. I thought it would only take a few minutes. It took longer than I expected. I wandered around the store to see what was new. I discovered the pharmacist giving flu shots was there today so I signed up. To my recollection, I’ve only had the actual flu twice in my life. In 1957 my sister and I both came down with the Asian flu and had to miss the 50th celebration of the founding of our church. I was actually thankful. Supposedly since we had that, we are more immune to the current swine flu. We’ve built up antibodies.

The second time I had the flu was sometime in the 90s. I can’t remember the exact date. I just remember driving to my doctor’s office instead of just going home and being unable to even sit up until he came in. I had to lie down on his examining table. I”d hate to experience that feeling again. I can’t even remember driving the twelve miles home or much of the next several days.

I came home and because rain on the roof usually makes me sleepy, I took a nap being lulled to sleep by the gentle (this time) soaking rain. The phone woke me up. Maxine asked if I’d like to sit on my porch with her and watch the rain. It was really a neat sight. I have big trees in my front yard so it wasn’t even raining in front of the porch. When we looked across the street, we could see this curtain of mist falling around our neighbor’s crepe myrtles. It was pretty.

I still had time to drive to the “pack and mail” to send a package to my cousin and a birthday card to my son. He is now the same age his father was when he was born. I’m getting worried he may decide he’s too old some day soon.

I needed to make a stop at the pharmacy again to pick up some things I forgot this morning. I found everything I needed. At the check out counter I saw one of the tabloids with the headlines “Patrick Swazye goes home to die”. I thought, “Geez, why don’t they ever leave that guy alone?  He probably just wants some time to rest.” Unfortunately, as I started to write this blog, the breaking news did say he just died.

I’m really sorry. I respected him as an actor. I thought he was a decent guy. I loved him in Dirty Dancing when he stood up for Baby and he made me want to take a pottery class in Ghost. And he stayed married to the same woman which I think is always admirable, if a couple can make it work. To the public he seemed to have morals and standards of behavior. Something I think is lacking in the majority of the world today.

I hope all is well with you. May you have just plain nice days some time soon too. Namaste. Attic Annie


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