One of THOSE days

Did you ever have one of those days? Yesterday was my turn. It was one of THOSE days. I had a visit with my dentist to do additional work on Thursday. Unfortunately, in addition to screwing in the post for my new crown, he also had to trim a bit of the gum around the root of the tooth to get to the decay under the gum. The total effect of the novocaine wearing off, since he used so much, didn’t occur until about three am yesterday morning. I waited until 8:00 to call the dentist. The receptionist called in a prescription for Tylenol and Codeine because I had told her I had a lot to do and it is not as strong as the Vicodin I had a couple of weeks before.

I had a follow-up appointment with my cardiologist at 10:30. When I left for the appointment, I opened the door to the game room and there was the back door standing wide open. It had been that way since I had returned the previous evening with groceries around 6:00. I said a prayer of thanks to God for keeping me safe. It was not the first time I had forgotten to lock the door although that happens more frequently than letting it stand wide open. Thankfully the screen door has wooden slats over the screen and from the street one can’t tell if the door is open or not. I keep telling myself I’m very happy I live in a safe neighborhood.

I arrived at the cardiologist’s office about five minutes early for a 10:30 appointment  and sat down and waited and waited,                                                                         and waited. I’m not one to be pushy, but I had not picked up my prescription before going to the office because I didn’t want to have to drive after taking it. My tooth was by now throbbing. Orajel had not done a single thing. At 11:20 I walked to the window to ask if it would be much longer.

I was told the doctor was running a little behind. There were three other patients ahead of me. I waited again                                                         and waited.

I was finally taken back to a room at 12:10. The assistent took my blood pressure…114/60 and my pulse 72. I’m very fortunate that I am non-chalant and things that really tick me off…like waiting 1 1/2 hours  with throbbing gums…don’t really affect me physically. She left the room and I waited                                                                                                           and waited.

He finally came in and, as I had already expected, the appointment ran four minutes. The stress test was fine, I have excellent blood flow and I’m in the low risk category for a heart attack.  Why couldn’t that message be delivered to my answering machine and saved me $25 and my insurance company $125.00?

It lasted an additional minute and a half because I had something to discuss with him. It seems when I rise after laying down and sometimes sitting for a while I get light headed and my eyesight starts to go black. I asked him if that was normal for my age. He said it wasn’t normal, but quite common. It’s called postural orthostatic hypotension. It doesn’t happen all the time but did happen twice in his office. One when I stood up when my name was called and the second time when I bent over to pick up a magazine. Oh joy, oh joy, he suggested I buy a pair of compression stockings…the kind people use for varicose veins. Now I had imagined them looking very ugly but, as you can see, they have been updated and don’t look too bad. However, at the rate I tend to lose socks, they could bankrupt me in the near future! And the heat in the summer! ?! I’m going to have to think about this. I did tell him I planned to buy a pair to wear on a long plane ride I’m taking. It’s not good to sit thirteen hours. He agreed.

Now I hadn’t had much to eat or drink before the appointment so I may have been slightly dehydrated, and I am on a medication with hypotension as a possible side effect. If this continues, I think I’m going to have to have a chat with my PCP about getting off the med and see how that feels. I’m taking it as a preventative anyway at this point.

Finally I was on my way to the pharmacy. There is ONE parking spot reserved for those who are using the walk-up window so they don’t have to walk into the store. Someone had parked there and s/he was NOT at the window. Again I was ticked off but remained calm. I drove several more rows and passed several cars in the row before finding a parking spot. I guess I opened my car door with a little too much gusto because I heard it hitting the Chrysler door next to me. When I looked, it hadn’t been with enough force to dent the door, but there was about a three inch line of white on the back door. Oops! I felt guilty but didn’t do anything about it. I tried to rub it off with my finger but that didn’t work. I walked up to the window and asked for my prescription. I was told, “We’re still working on it,” which translates into “We were called at 8 and it is after 1 but we didn’t seem to notice it was for PAIN!” She said it would be another ten or fifteen minutes. I went inside and again waited. Thankfully this pharmacy provides chairs so I could sit down.

I was home a little after 1:30. There was a message to call my realtor. She wants to hold a progressive luncheon at my house in a week. That’s where a group of realtors travel from house to house doing inspections. They will have one dish served at each home. Last week when she just tried to get realtors to come for their Friday tours, no one showed up. She’s bribing them with food this time. She usually gets a good turn out when she does that. She also said, “It’s time to lower the price on your house.” “Yes, I know,” I responded. I was anticipating that, but I dreaded hearing it. I’m downsizing, but I want enough left over to fix the next house up the way I want it. After all the closing costs, and the fix-ups, I still want something left. I’m at the stage of my life when I want to visit some of the friends I haven’t seen in a long time…and there is the African safari my friend who is wild about elephants wants us to do. Travel isn’t free. But then again, I think of all the people who have LOST their homes at this time and I am grateful that I am not one of them. 

The prescription said take one to two every four hours. Since I don’t do too well on pain meds, I only took one. Two hours later, I took the second one. I checked on the internet and found this warning: Once the pain becomes intense, the medication is not as effective in relieving it. Oh, thank you very much. In the meantime, I had to decide since I took the first one at 1:30, would it be OK to take the third one at 5:30, or should I wait and take two at 7:30? I decided to call the pharmacist and see what she said. She recommended that I wait for four hours after the 3:30 dose and then if I needed to take two I could. Oh joy! Oh joy! Oh frumtious day! It was a very long afternoon.  Have a good day. Namaste. Attic Annie


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One response to “One of THOSE days

  1. Shirley Haight

    Dear Little Annie, I’ve a few things to offer in regards
    to your bad day.
    #1 You are learning to live life on life’s terms, Not easy.

    Regarding your tooth, get some ether and have afew puffs every time you wake up and if you don’t wake up you will be dead, but I for one, don’t believe you will know this, please don’t let this get out as I am considered a heretic for my other beliefs!

    I relate to late doc’s. I went hours for a consult recently, read all the way through Atlas Shurgged and 1/2 through the Life and Times of Christ!! (mild exag.)

    Forgetting stuff, comes with age, why don’t you move to the Village, then when you go off not to worry, 24 hour security, plus baby eating old folks who have nothing better than watch your house from their house, I do this, however my computer sits at a window facing in front of two houses.
    My most fun person to watch was Joe, he came and went all day long into eleven at night and he was 87 when he died last week. Now there’s no one interesting enough to watch. Maybe the new people will be ecentric, I hope. The very dull Baptist lady that lives on the other side of Joe is really concerned about my salvation, she told me and I told her how much I thanked her, because as I remember, no one has ever worried about my salvation. Now ain’t that sweet???

    We either close things we’er not suppose to, leave open things we are suppose to close. Things leak that are not suppose to and things that are suppose to come out need a whole bottle of milk of magnisuim to run~

    One old woman ran over an older woman while we were playing bridge the other day, needed 18 stiches, the moral of this story is do not get behind an electric wheelchair. We are all dangerous.

    Loved your bad day, makes me feel better!

    Hugs, Shirley