Ode to Forgetfulness…attempt 6


I love it when e-mailing friends and relatives make it easy for me to come up with ideas. This “ode” has been floating around for the past several days. I am having a horrendous time getting this to post correctly, but I am not one to give up so I am trying again. Ironically, this is an “Ode to Forgetfulness” as if I’m forgetting an important step in posting.



I often refuse to believe I am growing older, but my brain frequently reminds me from time to time. I can SO identify with this video. At one time while I was still working it was easy to believe that it was just stress related to my constantly trying to multi-task. It’s amazing how many jobs an elementary school teacher must do all at the same time besides teach. However, I have not noticed that much of an improvement since assuming the less strenuous occupation of retirement.

There are actually 295 medical conditions that can cause forgetfulness. Here is a list:

The following medical conditions are some of the possible causes of forgetfulness. There are likely to be other possible causes, so ask your doctor about your symptoms.

§             Some everyday causes of forgetfulness may include:

§                      Tiredness – see also causes of tiredness

§                      Concentration problems – see also causes of concentration difficulty

§                      Pregnancy – some level of forgetfulness is common in pregnant women.

§                      New mother – adjusting to a new baby also commonly leads to forgetfulness (such as from tiredness).

§                      General anxiety

§                      Grieving

§             Some less serious causes of forgetfulness in older persons may include:

§                      Normal aging – the memory (and concentration) ability does gradually reduce with age.

§                      Age-associated memory impairment (AAMI) – the normal forgetfulness of aging.

§                      Benign senescent forgetfulness (BSF) – an earlier name now largely superceded by AAMI

§             Some more serious causes of forgetfulness include:

§                      Alzheimer’s disease – forgetfulness is an early sign and Alzheimer’s has progressive memory loss.

§                      Parkinson’s disease – causes progressive memory loss

§                      Depression – often causing forgetfulness and/or lack of concentration.

§                      Depressive disorders

§                      Dementia – Alzheimer’s is not the only type of dementia

§                      Delirium

§                      Emotional problems

§             Some possible substance or medication causes of forgetfulness include:

§                      Alcohol abuse

§                      Chronic alcoholism

§                      Drug abuse

§                      Marijuana – marijuana or cannabis use may cause short-term memory loss problems for several weeks.

§                      Substance abuse

§                      Medication interaction

§                      Certain medications – see medication causes of forgetfulness

§             Brain conditions – various conditions of the brain can affect memory and cause forgetfulness.

§                      Migraine – may cause temporary memory failure.

§                      Brain tumor

§                      Stroke

§                      TIA

§                      Cerebrovascular accident

§                      Intracranial hemorrhage

§                      Normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH)

§                      Primary degenerative dementia – progressive dementia and memory loss

§                      Multi-infarct dementia – progressive dementia and memory loss

§                      Head trauma

§                      Brain injury

§                      Meningitis

§                      Brain infection

§                      Bacterial brain infection

§                      Viral brain infection

§                      Fungal brain infection

§                      AIDS – because they acquire a brain infection

§                      Brain inflammation

§                      Herpex simplex encephalitis

§                      Temporal lobe epilepsy

§                      Korsakoff’s syndrome

§                      Medial temporal lobe lesions

§                      Limbic encephalitis

§                      Transient global amnesia

§             Other possible physical diseases that may cause forgetfulness include:

§                      Thiamine deficiency

§                      Hyperemesis gravidarum

§                      Sarcoidosis

§                      Cardiac disorder

§                      Respiratory disorder

§                      Renal disorder

§                      Liver disorder

§             Other psychological conditions that may cause forgetfulness include:

§                      Acute confusional state

§                      Adjustment disorder

Now I’m assuming that the gentleman in this video is talking about the forgetfulness that comes along with aging. I can identify with leaving keys in places where they are not supposed to be. I don’t remember ever leaving them in the refrigerator yet, but I am not confident it will never happen. I tend to remember where something was stored ten years ago as opposed to yesterday. The hiding place of my purse is a prime example. If I do not place it in the kitchen for some reason, I am trying to talk outloud to myself when leaving it in another room. “I am putting my purse on the chair in my bedroom.” I now have tried to always come home and hang my keys in the same place at the end of my bookcase.

What bothers me the most is when I am in a conversation and I lose the thoughts I was about to express. I just simply have to say, “The train has left the station and I’m not on board.” Sometimes my thoughts will come back to me and sometimes they don’t. It can get very frustrating. Forgetting names of people I have known for awhile is also disconcerting. I can remember names and faces of people from my high school class if I knew them back then but can’t recall people I now associate with at church whom I’ve known for as long as four years.

There was a several year period in my life when I had chronic fatigue syndrome. At that particular time I was way too tired to try to think. Over the years, however, that situation has improved. Now that CFS is not a major problem anymore I have to admit that aging is. That’s one thing we have not conquered in this lifetime at least. Every day I get a little older.

After all this time I am trying to make changes in my life. I’m trying to walk the dog around our circle more frequently although I will admit I still don’t do it every day. I’m trying to eat more healthfully. That is getting easier since the people I associate with are all very health conscious.

My life is not perfect by any means but I did have an opportunity last Friday to see how far I’ve come. I ran into someone I have not seen for probably ten years. I invited her to join my friend and me at our table. She was waiting for another friend of hers. When her friend joined us, the two of them became busy discussing which dessert they would each be buying at intermission of the play. Now that is not unusual. However, this particular friend has gained probably fifty pounds since the last time I saw her, and her friend was at least as heavy as she was. The thought crossed my mind, “There but by the grace of God go I.” I am still overweight but I am thirty-five pounds lighter than I was at my heaviest.

Supposedly there are steps that can be taken to slow down the aging process of the brain. I now attempt to do the crossword puzzles in the paper and I have recently taken up blogging. Doing all this research and composing is quite a challenge as well as learning new computer skills.

I think people joke about things they fear. That is why we are beginning to hear people say, “It’s just my Alzeimer’s”.  As my generation continues to grow older, there will be many more of us who end up in that condition. That’s one of the things I affirm on a regular basis…”I am a healthy, vibrant woman with strong cognitive abilities.”…at least I think I do.

Namaste. Attic Annie



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4 responses to “Ode to Forgetfulness…attempt 6

  1. GREAT! Now I can tell my students when I forget their appointments that it’s due to my TLE. None of my neurologists ever told me TLE was a cause of forgetfulness. Now I have at least two causes.

  2. Shirley Haight

    Forgetting, oh hell I forgot what I forgot.
    I no longer worry about it, someone will find me, or help me out in some, this is called faith or is it stupidity? Which ever I am 100% for it, now, what was I saying?

  3. Wow, I didn’t know about half the causes mentioned in the list. Now I know why forget so much and so often. It’s funny, actually, because when you’re a generally forgetful kind of person your thoughts are strangers in your own head. They come and go unbidden, unexpected. Oh well, I’ll make sure I keep those crosswords handy.

    • atticannie

      Hi there. I dropped by your blog. Even though there are a few decades between us, I think we share a few common traits. I’m adding you to my blogroll so I can keep up with you. Where are you in your educational journey?