Was it premonition?

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Hi there. Want to hear an unusual story? It involves Monday, December 29, 1975. Of course you don’t remember anything significant about that day. But it was a day my ex and I could have died.
Do I have you hooked yet?
My ex and I had been married almost a year. We were spending our first married Christmas at his family’s house. I enjoyed staying there with his father, step-brother, step-mother and two sisters and their families who came over several times during our visit.
It had been relatively uneventful and I was in no hurry to return back home. I was substituting at that time and had no reason to get back until after New Years. My ex’s company conducted very little business in that week between Christmas and New Year’s so he had no reason to leave on any particular day either.
Back in ’75, everyone had to call to confirm their reservations on flights. On Saturday I called to confirm our return flight to LaGuardia Airport on Sunday, December 28.
Something had happened to our reservations. The operator told me she only had one reservation for us on that flight. I assured her that I was holding both tickets in my hand. She again insisted that there was only one reservation. She said she could get us both on the flight the next day if we were willing to wait until Monday.
At that very statement the coldest chill I had ever felt ran from my neck down to my feet. I looked towards the door to see if someone had come in. No. I was still in the dining room with no one else around.
At that very moment my husband started to listen to my side of the conversation.
I again insisted that both of us had to be on that flight. He interpreted that insistance as I being in a hurry to leave his family’s home. He started to hiss at me to agree to the next day saying things like, “What’s your hurry? Why do you need to leave tomorrow? You are embarrassing me. I don’t need to get back tomorrow. Tell her we’ll wait until Monday.” Of course no other family member was around but the growing volume in his voice surely alerted the others sitting in the kitchen. They never acknowledged that they heard anything.
I very seldom standd my ground with anyone since I loathe confrontation, but for some unexplained reason I did that day. I stood up to my husband. I stood up to the operator. She finally said there was another single seat but we wouldn’t be able to sit together. I felt a warming sense of relief and said that was OK. Against my husband’s wishes and his feeling that I was rejecting his parents’ hospitality, we had an uneventful flight back home to Connecticut, even if we weren’t able to sit next to each other on the flight, landing in LaGuardia field aboard a TWA flight. We picked up our bags approximately 6:30 pm and headed for home, even if we weren’t able to sit next to each other on the flight. That didn’t seem to be a concern with me.
I was not able to explain to my ex why I had to get back home. He was not quick to forgive me that day. I do remember he didn’t talk with me much although I don’t remember anything special happening during the day on Monday. It’s too long ago to remember anything uneventful.
Early that evening, the television programming was interrupted. There had been a bombing at LaGuardia airport. A bomb had detonated in the baggage claim locker area of the TWA terminal. That is where we would have been at 6:30 pm Monday, December 29, 1975 if I had not paid attention to the chill which ran through me on Saturday when I was confirming my reservations. LaGuardiaEleven people were killed that evening and seventy-five were injured. We would have been at ground zero collecting our luggage.
Now was it a premoniton? Premonitions usually are future events that are seen. It often comes in the form of a vivid dream or a vision. Talking on the phone that day, I had neither. Looking back at it, however, I believe it could have definitely been called a warning.
I just recently watched Sandra Bullock’s 2007 movie Premonition. It was that movie that reminded me of my incident. I did not see the future. I did not go back and forth in time. I didn’t even think of it again after I hung up the phone other than to feel quite satisfied that I had stood up to my ex and not kowtowed in submission to his wishes as I did almost every other time.

If it was not a premonition, was it a warning from my guardian angel? I have often felt the poor being has had to work overtime to keep me alive as long as I have lived. I have other stories I could share with you some time that could only have been intervention by my guardian angel that saved me.

I do not know. I just know for the rest of my marriage to my ex, there were very few times when I insisted upon my way of doing something. But when I did, he listened to me. I like to think I gained some respect from him that day when he realized what could have happened had he gotten his way. He certainly acted like it when, on Tuesday, we were walking in the snow, and he was still in a little awe.


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