Thank goodness for honest customers

I'm glad I had to stop to buy this
I’m glad I had to stop to buy this

I have a renewed faith and confidence in my fellow path followers. It has taken a while for my sense of safety and confidence concerning impending identity theft to return, but I am in a good place once again.

I decided to make a trip to Best Buy for the USB port I need for my venture into phone photography. The clerk showed me this three cable box for downloading songs, Flickr, and other things I knew I would never use. I asked him if a Playstation USB would work just as well because all I want to do is be able to download camera pictures. He walked me to another area and handed me the plain USB cable with a pricetag $15.00 less than the other box. It was however, $2.00 more than the same one I could have bought at Target after the clerk there told me that would work. Since I won’t be near Target until next Tuesday, I decided to splurge.

I had nothing planned so I enjoyed just walking around the store browsing and thinking of the new items I could buy for my new home to update it. I’m dreaming of a new cooktop and washer and dryer if I ever sell this house.

I checked out and headed for my next stop in the same shopping area, Lowes. I had sat down on one of my toilet seats last night and realized painfully too late that the wood had cracked. I don’t use that bathroom often but thought it might be better for potential buyers to have a complete seat. After finding a suitable replacement I again wandered through the store daydreaming.  I need either a new starter or a new ballister for my Vent A Hood flouresent lamp. Little did I know they come in more than one size. I was just going to buy the starter, but now I have to take the one I have here back to the store to get the correct size. If that doesn’t work, it’s back to the store again for a new ballister. I’m not complaining. Neither has been changed in thirty-two years. I again wandered around looking at the new appliances and drifted towards the check out area with my new toilet seat.


She used her little wand and swiped the bar code, telling me the price. I reached into my purse for my handy debit card and my billfold was not in my purse. I am not one to panic but I did feel a need for urgent concern. I had wandered through several different areas of the store. I kept my head down gazing at the floor and tried to retrace my steps. The clerk in bath fixtures saw my concern. She called up front to Customer Service but they did not have it. I walked out to my car and checked the front seat. It wasn’t there. I returned to the store and walked around again. Another clerk asked if he could help. He also retraced my steps and talked with other sales associates but no one had seen it. When I asked if there was a telephone book handy, he whipped out his cell phone and googled. “Nice trick,” I thought. I’m going to have to learn how to do that. One doesn’t have to call directory assistance any more. Within about a half minute the Best Buy number appeared on his screen. I called and after listening to an interminable menu, I punched in a number and waited…and waited….seems there were no sales associates available to answer the phone. The menu doesn’t have a number to connect to manager or customer service.

Thoughts of getting home to put a watch on my credit and debit cards crossed my mind. I had just been to the ATM, but I was willing to not consider the cash if only someone would turn in my cards, driver’s license, AAA card, and all the other “stuff” one must now carry. I have heard of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise being charged within the first half hour. I was not a happy camper.

I hopped in my car, saying another prayer, and drove the block back down to Best Buy. I walked around the parking lot before I entered the store. I didn’t spy anything. Once inside, I was happy to be greeted again by the same customer service guy who had guided my path about one half hour before. I guess the look on my face showed concern. “May I help you?” he inquired. “I hope so,” I replied, “by any chance did anyone turn in a maroon…” he was already fishing for keys and walking away from me towards the office, “billfold? I think I dropped it.” He opened the door and reached inside. He withdrew his hand and there in it was, my billfold. Obviously not too many people lose maroon billfolds. He didn’t even ask my identification even though I had started to give it to him. “Where was it?” I inquired. “A customer found it outside the store near the Geek mobile. I had to pass the VW on the way to my car. My purse occasionally doesn’t snap and things have falled out before. I keep meaning to buy a new purse.

I was breathing a little more regularly and felt my shoulders lighten. I thanked him profusely and headed back to Lowes where at the check out counter my toilet seat was still perched in the basket waiting my return. Joyfully, I paid for my purchase. The woman at the check out lane was the same one who helped me back in bath fashions. She called for the man who had tried to help me find my billfold. He didn’t respond, but she said she would tell him thanks for me.

With a happy heart and a thankful rear end, I was able to return home again with my new purchases. Now my next project is to install the new seat so the buyer of my home doesn’t get pinched. Namaste. Attic Annie

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