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Let Yourself Feel

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This blog was quite an adventure. My son helped me learn a new skill last night. It’s quite amazing what technology can do now. He’s living in Japan and he logged into my computer. I had mastered embedding you tube but this was something new. This was using vodpod. I had heard of vodpod but I didn’t know anything about it. We accomplished what I wanted.

This computer art caught my attention because it says that the caterpillar hides the butterfly within. It reminded me of a poem I wrote while I was still teaching. I had a third grade student who has now graduated from MIT a few years ago. She was intelligent but quiet. I never would have guessed her future capabilities. This poem was written with her in mind.

I have had other “caterpillars” who have become teachers, doctors, lawyers, scientists, engineers working in fields I can not begin to comprehend. Some already have their doctorates. It is so gratifying to hear of their accomplishments. Watching this video reminded me of watching them as they often “thought out of the box” and hid the butterflies from within.

So many beings are not allowed to go through a metamorphosis to become what they were meant to be. Their development stops far too soon. Teachers have a huge responsibility to encourage that development. Then they can step back years later to view the results. It is sometimes amazing.

 Metamorphosis  copyright Attic Annie 2009

 How strange in our hurried days we seldom have time to notice

The miracle of metamorphosis that happens every spring.

The wiggling caterpillar undergoes skin‑splitting changes‑‑

Unwrapping from its solitary confinement. 

And we pass by, paying scant attention

To its almost certain silent screams.

But, oh! The recognition and the homage we pay

To the neglected ugly shapelss insect when it spreads its multi‑hued wings,

Points its antennae into the wind

 And softly, gently, silently, magnificently floats away.

 How strange in our hurried days we seldom have time to notice

The quiet child…the shy child…the child sitting in the back of the room.

Wrapped in her solitary confinement.

 And we pass by, paying scant attention

To her almost certain silent screams.

 But, oh!  The recognition and the homage we pay

To the neglected ugly youngster when she cracks her shell

Emerges a young beauty, finds her way to the spotlight

 And softly, gently, quietly, magnificently

Receives her fair share of accolades

I am proud of the accomplishments of all my students. My last class is now in ninth grade so I will have the opportunity to hear about them for many years yet to come. It’s been a fine, fun ride. I started out wanting to be a nurse. I am very happy I was given the oppotunity to be a teacher. I will never regret my life’s path. I hope you will never have to regret yours. It you are not on the right path, there is still time to change. God bless. Namaste. Attic Annie


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