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One of those nice successful days

I had a good day Tuesday. It was one of those that wasn’t at all unusual. I like days like that. It was just pleasant. If you want to hear about it, sit down on the glider with me. The temperature is in the high 60s. I love weather like this.

I worked on my blog about Tradition, Statistics, and Women’s Names (yesterday) until 12:30. Once I decide on a topic it can lead me into a lot of different directions. I ended up doing a lot of research for that one.

I decided to do two things with my afternoon. One, get my hair cut, and two pick up my watch at the jewelers.
I had gone to this salon several times a few years ago so I thought I would go back again. I had had someone else cut my hair two times before but I was never really satisfied when it grew out a little.
I really like this place because they have moveable wash basins that can fit right under your head. I’ve never seen those anywhere else. I’m a little tall so its nice not to have to recline and then stretch back to hyperextend my neck to reach the bowl. I asked the stylist about the recession. She said their business has reallly cut back. People are waiting longer in between cuts and not as many are dying or bleaching their hair.

alpmanMy hair is baby fine and thin. It has been all my life. One day my first fiance picked me up for church. That was in the days before blow dryers and mousse. I hadn’t used curlers the night before. He looked at me and said, “You look like a hairy bowling ball.” My hair had no life to it that day and my head is quite rounded.
I googled “round head physical characteristic” and lo, and behold, a picture appeared of someone who could possibly be my brother. I have a high forehead so I have to wear bangs. According to the site I should have brown hair and brown or hazel eyes. Of course my hair is gray, white, and silver now and at one time it was blonde and red but as a child my hair, which was very light brown, turned a brown almost auburn. There’s red hair on my mother’s side of the family. My eyes are hazel. My physical characteristics match exactly the Alpine sub group of the white race. That sure does fit. My father’s family all came from the area around northern Germany and I bear a too striking resemblance to my father. It’s not convenient having a rounded head. I had the distinction of having the largest graduation cap in my high school class. I love to wear hats once in a while and I can find very few that fit. I’d trade my Alpine head for any other size in a heart beat. I think it’s more noticeable on me than on a guy. Anyway, I thought she did a good job.

Moving on, I knew my watch had been at the jewelers  for a while. I’d been called three times. Each time something else was going on and I would mean to pick it up, but I would just forget. When I saw the tag, I realized it had been a whole year since I had brought it in for repair. The clerk was very nice about the whole thing, but I was embarrassed.

I complemented her on her outfit and mentioned I was looking for black dress slacks. She suggested I try a store directly across the street. I drove across, parked underground so my car remained cool, and walked into the store. Miracle of miracles, I spied a sales clerk, one of those disappearing breeds formerly found in department stores. I told her what I wanted. She pointed to where I might find it. Five minutes later I was trying the slacks on and bought them. They were on sale 60% off. I didn’t feel so bad about buying them. Somewhere in this house is a pair of black crepe dress pants that I have been unable to find. I will probably not wear this outfit again in this lifetime. I’m going to a very special dinner and thought I’d dress up “after 5” for a change.

Another sales clerk appeared great trend going on here) and tried to help me find a top to go with the slacks but we had no luck. I left the store and continued walking in the mall. I stopped at one store and tried on three tops. One had a neckline far too low, one had a waist far too high, and the third one had patterns throughout the material that were far too transparent. I struck out.  I passed another store that has been in the mall forever. I’d never been in it. I thought it was basicallly for petites and averages. I wear a large. I told the sales clerk what I wanted, she pointed me to a sales rack (50% off) and there it was, the perfect top for my dress slacks. I tried it on to make sure it would fit. I was so happy I decided to buy a big pair of silver hoop earrings to complete the outfit. Now I had everything I needed to go with the jacket wrap I just had to buy two weekends ago.

My next stop (I was only going to do two things) was to find a USB port for the new camera phone I purchased. It seems they are not included in the package. I can take pictures but there is no way to get them transferred to the computer. I stopped at the T Mobile kiosk and they directed me upstairs to Best Buy Mobile. The clerk was helping another customer so I walked around. I didn’t see what I needed. It was a very small shop. He confirmed my suspicions but told me if I were to go to the big Best Buy store I would find what I wanted. Tomorrow I will delve into a new adventure…loading and transferring images from my camera. Hopefully, I can start using them in my blogs. As I was leaving this young clerk said, “I like your hair.” You know, little comments like that can really make you feel good. That was nice. It made me smile.

I walked with my neighbor. I am really getting to know her better and having more fun with her each time we walk. Because I was quiet and reserved when we first met, she thought I was “an old prude” as she tells it. I’m trying my hardest to convince her otherwise. We laugh a lot as we walk now. Along the way, we met another man walking his dog. He asked if I was the one selling my home. He said he knew of friends who really liked my house. They had come to the Open House  and really wanted to move into this neighborhood. They had a concern, however, which I assured this young man was not the case. I’m hoping that he will go back to this couple and tell them to check further. Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to sell my house before September 29 after all. That’s when the contingency runs out on the house I want to buy. Please keep me in your prayers. Namaste

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