I buried Joseph before I feng shuyed


Hi…It’s Saturday morning and I’m just sitting here thinking about the wonderfully mellow day I had yesterday. Although I did my usual waking up three or four times, I didn’t get up and so my day started at 8:30. That’s late for me.

Soon after I awoke, it started to rain. In this section of the metroplex it didn’t really rain all that much. It was heavier to the west of us. That happens quite often.

I worked on my blog then got ready for lunch with my friends whom I eat with once a month. I blogged about them on July 17. There were only eight of us there today. The restaurant was a small Thai Rice N Noodles place. We usually meet at 11:15 to avoid the lunch crowds. We could hear ourselves talk for about 1/2 hour. At that point the place got noisy. We weren’t as rowdy today as we were last month.  When we are set off where all of us can hear, we really can get rolling. It’s deliciously fun. Some of us are in or approaching our 80s. I feel I can still learn from their experiences.

I was so proud of myself. My vegetarian friends are having an influence on my life. All the lunch specials were either chicken or beef. I ordered a dinner of eggplant  ka pow. When it arrived, I immediately asked for a take out container and put 1/2 of it into the box before eating. That’s one of the diet tricks I’ve heard recently. I grew up with “Clean your plate. There are children starving in China.” Therefore it is still very difficult to “waste'” food by leaving anything on my plate. I often don’t have an “off” buttion and can consume everything placed before me. I found that I  could eat most the food on my plate and still feel full while taking half of it home.

The oldest one of us has difficulty hearing so when the place started getting noisy, she just calmly sat there eating her meal. The best conversation was with the ones next to us. One of the women who is aware of my blog said she thought I was opening up more since I started blogging. Maybe this IS therapeutic. I just know I like to write. I seem to be getting a lot off my mind and losing my fear of saying it.

After lunch I drove with two of my friends to an Episcopal church to buy a St. Joseph statue. Now I’ve never really grown up with saints, but I’m willing to try anything to get my house sold. A friend had told me to buy a home selling kit. They didn’t have any so they told me to go to the Catholic book store.

My kit...he will guide the buyer to my home

My kit...he will guide the buyer to my home

At least it was generally on the way home again. At first I thought this was going to be expensive. The small statues were $15.00, but St. Joseph was out. The tall statue was $42.00. I knew I wasn’t going to bury something that expensive. The clerk asked me if I were selling my home. When I said yes, she pointed me to the little kit. I didn’t feel as bad about $5.00. There’s a site with letters dating from 2007 back before 2000. All of those who bought the St. Joseph kit, buried him with complete faith and prayed,   successfully sold their homes and  wrote letters of satisfaction. I’m not going to argue. Of couse I’ve had others who have done the same thing with feng shuy with the same result. I think it’s just the process of affirming your desires to God and the universe and then stepping back to see what happens.

We came home and I carried St. Joseph out to the “for sale” sign. I buried St. Joseph according to directions: head down facing the house. You can also bury him in front of the house near the property line. I’ve since read on a couple different web sites how to bury him. One says it should be a foot deep. The other says with three inchs of dirt on top. I guess I’ll have to go out today and place him a little deeper. The earth barely covers his feet.


According to this Catholic tradition that has been around for about 500 years, apparently St. Teresa of Avila started it by burying a likeness of St. Joseph on a medal while praying to get more land for her religious community. Now with a slowing economy and homes staying on the market for months instead of days, the statues are becoming attractive to those of other faiths, and even people with no particular faith. One good thing about belonging to Unity, we can borrow from any and all religions whatever best fits into our lives.

Continuing on with my day, now that St. Joseph was buried, my friend and I decided to see The Time Traveler’s Wife.

Nice movie

Nice movie

 I had read the book a few years ago and now I have seen the movie.  I’m not very good anymore about remembering what I have read. The book did take the wife’s life further into the future than the movie did, but both were entertaining. I don’t think I would enjoy being a time traveler.

After the movie I came home and heated up the other half of my lunch. Maxine came over to tell me about her day. We usually visit in the morning or right around sun down. It sure was nice weather. It was much cooler than it has been. It was comfortable sitting out on the front porch. The sun was close to setting.

I  called my walking buddy and asked if she was interested in walking tonight since we hadn’t walked this morning. She came out and we made it around our “circle” twice. I added another tenth of a mile to make it a full two miles. As we parted, she said, “See you in the morning.” I replied, ” Maybe”. That ended up being my day. Nothing earth shattering happened. I didn’t listen to the news to form any opinions…just a mellow day…the kind I like. We’ll see about walking once I get going today….maybe. She should be calling soon. Then it is off to Walmart for a compass so I can feng shuy!  Namaste. Attic Annie





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2 responses to “I buried Joseph before I feng shuyed

  1. atticannie

    Hi Terri, yes, we do have fun. Our group is known as the Wise Older Women (WOW!) It was started by a woman who has since moved to San Antonio. She is missed. She has started several WOW groups throughout Texas. It’s basically for any woman over 50. It was started through the Unity Church but we care not who joins us for lunch. I’ve come to adore these women and we treat each other like truly bonded sisters. It’s fun meeting and eating with them.

  2. Your lunch with friends sounds really fun. I wish I had a group like that. It seems like my friends are all separate parts of my life, each one meeting a different need, and it seems odd to imagine mixing them all together in the same place. That’s probably more MY problem than it is theirs.

    I’ve heard of the St. Joseph home-selling theory. I hope it works for you. I think God might get a chuckle out of all these people burying Joseph upside down, thinking it’s a magic trick to sell the house. I think it has more to do with faith and prayers, than the actual burying, but who am I to judge if it works? 😉