How much are YOU worth?

Wow! It’s almost 8:30 a.m. my time! I woke up a couple of times but went back to sleep. A good rule: Moderation in exercise! I’ve been walking a couple of miles a day for the last week but last night I threw in swimming which I haven’t done in at least ten years or more! Can we say “stiff”?

It'a Happening Now!

It'a Happening Now!

It’s going to rain any minute! Thank goodness I decided what to talk about last night. I apologize about my hyperlinks. I’m still working on it. I think it’s my computer. I will prevail! Here goes:

GW isn't pleased with me!

GW isn't pleased with me!

How much is your blog worth? I have been anxiously awaiting the roll over of the value of my blog to its first penny but it stays the same, day after day. I have been blogging since July 10. I thought it would at least begin to accumulate some wealth by now…but alas, nada.

I know of someone whose blog is worth over $1600, and he has only been blogging for a little over a year.

Since I am curious by nature, I sent an email to the owner of that site which calculates our work’s worth. This is his reply:

Hi Annie,
How Much is Your Blog Worth is for entertainment purposes only and often experiences all manner of glitches and bugs that can cause a blog’s value to rise or fall, almost at all will.
Sometimes, refreshing the results page about ten times will clear the data cache and change the value.

Now isn’t that interesting that someone would consider it entertaining to make a blogger watch that little number day after day, hoping someone would say her communications had value? The angst of it all. Not only do I get hit with the depressive news that my life’s passion has no value, I have to figure out what it means to refresh the results page to empty the data cache…(sigh) (just kidding) Alas, with no computer guru to turn to, I doubt I’ll ever have that little problem solved unless someone out there can tell me how to do it.

It is very sad that so many people actually do turn to others for their sense of worth. They can only feel good about themselves if they are praised or are seen to be weathlier, smarter, more popular, handsomer, more beautiful, more athletic, etc. than their social peers. They dismiss those seemingly “beneath” them without a second glance. They fill with envy at those wo have more than they. They look at their neighbors and know they will be judged by how well they can “Keep up with the Joneses.”

This has led to the creation of a multitude of problems for the American society. The day mothers find they are pregnant, baby “Smith” goes on the waiting list for a pre-school, toddlers and preteens are displayed in “beauty” pagents. Fierce competition rages for spots on the cheerleader teams.  Parents pay huge sums to their alma maters for a spot for their child in the freshman class in high school and college and thousands of  private elementary schools. All of this to find self-esteem at the top of the mountain created by all those bodies that have been crawled over to get there.

What happens so often when fame, fortune, popularity, etc. is reached? Way too often all that is found is futility and emptiness. Think of the number of entertainers who commit suicide when there is nothing more to conquer. Athletes, both student and professional, fall prey to the same temptation to end it all when the stadium lights go out for them for the final time.

I write for the passion of writing. I have no goal of becoming an author of an international best seller. Of what “worth” is that? All best sellers end up at one time or another on the sales tables where the sellers try to stretch out the last penny of value from books that have become surplus. Some mediocre writers get lucky and get published while some great outstanding writers don’t seem to be able to find that one literary agent who has the ability to sell their works. I once heard of authors who have papered rooms with pink slips before finally cracking the stone walls of the publishing houses.  

I feel fortunate that that fierce sense of competition and strive for success is not within me. Perhaps because as I was growing up I always felt on the outside looking in, I gave up trying to win at my classmates ‘ little games. Who knows what goes into the rearing of a non-competitor. OK so I admit I sometimes like to win at Trivial Pursuit or Scrabble or other party games, but it doesn’t destroy me when I don’t. For 41 days, I have been  enjoying watching the numbers of people who are visiting my posts  grow. It seems to me someone must be helping out somehow with one of the poems I published called “I Want Cowboy Boots“. That’s received 160 hits to date out of 844 total visits. Does it make me feel good to know what I write is actually being read by others? Yes, it does. Does it matter to me if they didn’t? Not much.

 I started blogging as a kind of electonic journal. I’ve been trying to journal for the past many years but I never seem to get far. Now I’m sending my thoughts out over the world to anyone who wishes to read them…along with billions of others who are blogging world wide at the same time.


This is part of the Tranquility Garden with the sanctuary behind it

My church is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. As part of the celebration they are conducting a silent action. Everyone is being encouraged to donate something. There is little that I have mastered in this world as far as skilled crafts. I came upon an idea and called the church events co-ordinator. I told her I would like to auction off a framed original poem on the topic of the bidder’s choice. They get to tell me what the poem is about. I rise to challenges like that. That’s how my “cowboy boots” got written. I’ve read my writings at our church’s coffee house several times so there are a few who have expressed interest in my work. We were to set a value for our donations. Of course the value of poetry is in the eye of the reader. I had no idea what to say when I was asked. Then the co-ordinator came up with the perfect words. “I know”, she said, “I’ll put down priceless.” That, to me, made my day.


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