The “sell my house” saga continues

A certain amount of stress is supposed to be good for the soul, right? Having lived a relatively stress free life since I retired from teaching (relatively speaking) the stress I’ve been feeling since deciding to put my house on the market is off the scale.

Come on and sit down on the porch and I’ll tell you about it.

Three weeks ago I decided to put my house on the market. From there, things happened very quickly. I had my house staged, I found a house about half the size of mine and put a contingency contract on it, I had a rehabber/handyman come through and give me an estimate on repairing the obvious little things that needed to be done to sell my “as is” home.

That last statement is one of two stressors that I dealt with yesterday. The back bath (this house has 3 1/2) had a discoloration on the floor under the vinyl flooring. It was kind of a blue gray showing through the white vinyl. I knew that had to be replaced so I went to Home Depot and found 69c peel and stick tiles.

The handyman has a team of three others and throughout the day all three of them were here from time to time. When the tile layer started working he realized there was a leak under the sink. Turns out one of the shut off valves was bad. This just happened the past few days, I swear. You know, nobody told me that not using faucets is bad for the plumbing. This bathroom gets used maybe once (this year twice) a year. I go back there to flush the toilet when all the water has disappeard but I didn’t know about once a month to turn on the tub and basin faucets. I do now.

Moving on to the hall bath. There is a place in the ceiling that cracks every five years or so. It gets fixed and ignored. After I put the house on the market, the crack reappears and is longer. Handyman gets up there and realizes the ceiling under the plaster is moist. He cuts away plaster about the size of a pig’s leg in order to replaster. Now why the ceiling is moist, I don’t know. That’s another trip for him to the attic. It hasn’t rained for a long time. The roof is relatively new (10 years into a 30 year guarantee). He thought maybe an air conditioner pan or something might be up there. Huh? Not that I’ve been aware of in the 30 years I’ve lived here. Well, SOMETHING is causing the moisture. He’ll investigate further today.

The half bath over the years has lost three ceiling tiles. It is only a 4×6 room so three tiles looks like a lot. The tiles are old enough that they can’t be matched. That means a whole new ceiling.

That was just yesterday at this house. Flashbacks of Tom Hanks and Shelly Long in The Money Pit appear in my mind. NO! I shout to the universe. Be gone, such thoughts. These are the only things I need fixed. The house will sell after the Open House this Sunday.

Actually, in three weeks I’ve only had two people looking at the house. Both of them said the same thing. “Nice house” “Good location” “Cost too much to upgrade”.  Upgrade my house? I’ve spent thirty years upgrading. OK so the kitchen has 70s dark orang laminate counters. OK the kitchen has an obvioius square replaced where there was a slab leak. OK the patio floor has repaired cracks that are cracking again from the slab moving with the levels of moisture in the soil….ok ok ok ok. Both women had almost identical thoughts. Yes, the house could stand a few multi thousand $$$$ of “upgrades”. But hadn’t I priced my home accordingly?

I know about the upgrade part because yesterday I paid for an inspection on the house I have under a contingency contract. I knew there were cosmetic changes I wanted to do to the house (unfix everything “handyman husband” changed) but now I have three additional things to consider, squishy roof, foundation on corner of garage, air conditioner wired with too small a wire. I’ll not even go into thoughts of that today.

Today I get to start my adventure with the dentist, can we say remove bridge, root canal, implant?  Have a great day. Namaste Attic Annie



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2 responses to “The “sell my house” saga continues

  1. atticannie

    Hi Davis, good to see you again. Tell me how I can add you to my blogroll. Would you consider adding me to yours? I’ve thought about renting this place if it doesn’t sell because I really want the other house but if it sits empty and I have a house payment due, I could be homeless sooner than I want to be (when they carry me out feet first)!

  2. Sounds almost as bad as what I’ve been going through trying to rent a house. At least you don’t have to worry about the people living there once you sign the papers.