Experiencing “Wellness”

“Life is one indivisible whole. A person cannot do right in one department whilst attempting to do wrong in another department.”  – Mahatma Gandhi


Today was a first. I had my blog all done last night and I forgot to publish it before I went to church this morning.  I just now realized it. I don’t know if anybody stopped by the front porch today or not but if you have found me and like to drop by, I apologize for not being home.

I volunteered along with my friend to work representing our church at a Wellness Expo this afternoon. We were the last shift before closing. By the time we sat down there was very little traffic passing our tables by anyone other than other church members. The church I attend is very big on holistic health methods, meditation, and prayer as very effective ways to help the body achieve maximum health.

Since there was so little traffic, we took turns visiting other booths. I wanted to have my aura photographed but it was a popular place. By the time my turn for the photograpy would have come up, it would have been past time for me to begin my turn at our table. I had my aura read three years ago. I was of course my skeptical self but when the reader asked if I had problems with my neck, I cautiously said I had been in a car accident a couple of months before and my head snapped side to side. She proceeded to show me the photograph, and there, on the left side of my neck was a black spot from my shoulder to my ear where there was no light. “Signs of recent trauma,” she said. “Weird,” thought I. I was hoping to compare the two photos but no such luck this time.

There were a number of chiropractors, acupuncturists,  and gizmo sellers. I especially enjoyed talking to the essential oils sellers. They have an oil for everything, but boy, it’s not cheap.

Fragrances for sale

There was a chiropractor who had a gizmo which “read your spine” neurologically and projected it on a monitor. The severest sign of misalignment showed up as black marks on either side of the picture of the spine. Mine was black bars starting with my neck all the way down to the tail. I thought, “They probably have it set that way so the chiropractor could gain new customers.” I have to get a new chiropractor anyway, so I took the bait and made an introductory $30.00 appointment for a week from this Tuesday. My beloved chiropractor is moving to east Texas. I will certainly miss her. She’s kept me pain free for five years. I know I am getting old when this expo chiropractor looks like she belongs on a high school pom pom squad, petite, blond hair and all.

I asked my friend what the results of her reading was, truly expecting similar results. She said, “Oh, I had a couple of black bars at my neck and  a couple of blue bars on my lower back. Why?” Well, there went that theory. I had to admit I’m really screwed up.

Of course some of my problem might be the amount of time I find I am spending at this computer. I read a blog on MSN several days ago that sitting too long at a computer can make your breasts sag and your belly pooch. http://health.msn.com/blogs/print.aspx?post=1205816

David Zinczenko wrote,  “So let me explain the importance of posture in a way that’s a little more specific: A bent spine might mean back problems, a big protruding belly, and saggy breasts.

Did that get your attention?

Here’s how it works: When you slouch forward all the time—like you probably do while working on your computer or driving your car—your chest muscles actually stiffen, which pulls your shoulders forward into a permanent slump. The result: A look that’s unbecoming to your bosom. Worse, hunching forward also puts more stress on your upper spine, which leads to neck, back, and shoulder pain. Did your neck start hurting one day and never stop? It’s probably the result of poor posture.”

Of course the title of his work mentioned how high heels can do the same thing. Fortunately, I cannot wear high heels and I’m beyond the place where I care if my shoes are fashionable or not. High heels would be the death of me.

I talked with the aroma therapy vendors about my frequent lack of sleep. One pair seemed to be quite interested in helping. I walked away with a $34.50 (wholesale) bottle of “Peace and Calm” containing 240 drops of a mixture of oils. I’m supposed to put one drop on the tip of my nose or right under it for a good night’s sleep. She had put a drop of it on my hands. I’m glad my friend was driving me home because I yawned all the way. Now that I’ve been home for a while the scent is not as evident so I’m no longer quite as sleepy. I’m looking forward to bed tonight if it really is that effective. Six hours of uninterrupted sleep sounds heavenly.

Another vendor had me take a whiff of a bottle he  passed under my nose. He had asked me if I knew what chakras were. He said this oil was guaranteed to open some of my chakras. I whiffed the first time and felt a very light change to my throat. He told me to remember the feeling. He passed it under my nose again and then a third time. The second pass I felt something in my abdomen, the third under my breastbone. He then had me read the label. “For throat, heart, and solar plexus chakras,” it said. Blew me out of the water!

There was a heated mat you could lay on that contained amythest crystals which are supposed to be able to aid your immune system, etc etc etc. It was very soothing and comforting but not for $1700. If you have money to burn….http://bio-mats.com/products 

I never had a chance to visit the reflexologists and massage therapists. Oh well, maybe next year. It’s almost 9 by the time I get some chores done, I will be more than ready for bed. Yes, I’m writing this blog the night before. In case I’m still sleeping when you drop by, just ring the doorbell. Ri-Leigh will wake me up! Namaste Attic Annie


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