sooooooooooo tired


It's time to collapse for a day

There comes a time when it becomes necessary to admit one’s age and modify one’s behavior. That time arrived with a Mack truck and ran over me full steam ahead yesterday afternoon. ZOUZA! Can we say road kill?

For what started as asking a simple favor of a real estate agent to estimate the value of my house, I have proceeded in I think two weeks to having a bid put on a different home, which the homeowners accepted, to having my own home staged,which means I have to live in a model home until it sells, to deciding to have a ceiling crack fixed, a door jamb planed, and  bathroom floor congoleum relaid. All this when the advertisement says “As is”!

I said I think two weeks because my life has changed directions so quickly I can’t keep up with when anything happened. It’s kind of if it is Tuesday I must be in Paris kind of feeling.

When the staging was first done it was a shock to me. There was not a personal thing left out in sight that said, “Annie lives here”. I hated it. It reminded me of my childhood home. Everything was always picked up and straight and in its place. There was nothing that said anything personal about any of us. That’s what made it so cold and impersonal. My relatives’ homes weren’t all that much different but there were just little clues around that someone was actually living in the house. Not so in mine.

Now, after almost a a full week of living in this same decluttered house, I’m beginning to adjust to it and actually liking how tidy it is. I’ve never been one to keep everything in its place at all times, but this is actually a challenge and I like challenges. I’ve always said that if I sold this house I’d have to move out in order for it to show. Now I’m beginning to think maybe I can make it. I can actually live here and pick up every day to keep the house staged.

The main problem is that I will have to exist on only microwaveable food until that time. I don’t have any problem with not using my oven. It’s brand new and has only been used once to keep a pizza warm.  I refuse to use my cooktop. It looks pretty good now and I want to keep it that way. It’s one of those Corning cooktops that were popular thirty years ago. In order to keep it smooth I was supposed to use only Corning cookware and use this special Corning cleaning gel to keep it sparkling white.

Yea, right. In thirty years time I kind of deviated from that plan. It now has so many scratches in it that every time it is used it ruins the semi-white shine that is still left.  I’ll survive though.

I’m keeping this short for a change. I decided my afternoon nap refreshed me enough to be able to go to a supper last tonight with friends. All of my posts should be this short. I’m getting a tad too wordy when I hit over 1,000 words, now aren’t I?

old woman eating

This is not exactly what we eat when we dine together but some times it probably could be! Our circle group spans about four decades. She could be one of us.

Coming home last night I was driving east before 9:00. There in front of me was this HUGE softly glowing circle just above the horizon. It was a beautiful full moon. That was enough to make me realize how beautiful life can be in this universe.  All is well. Namaste. I am putting out to God and the universe that my days of sitting on the porch are numbered but that’s OK. I’ll have a covered patio to sit on in the morning. I’ve figured out a way to build a small porch sometime in the near future but I’ll be able to exist without it.

Take care. Thanks for dropping by. Attic Annie



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