April Tornado (The month of my parents’ death)

Poetry and prose have saved my life, literally. This is a poem I wrote about the turmoil that was created every April, the month my mother died. My blogs the last two days explain what happened. Attic Annie

                                                            April Tornado


Deep inside way down deep inside

I feel tornado spinning

Wailing whining devil spirit

Tearing me to shreds if I would ever let it

Devil spirit spawned during childhood

All the anger all the anguish held within

Years of days and nights of dried out tear rivers

No longer shed over Mother’s picture

Never talked to me about my mother

Eyes forever told me blamed me

Tornado spirit whirs inside me

April anniversary once again

Every year still since babyhood

Comes to visit to remind me of my sin

That Mother died to let me live

Cancer took her soon after she bore me

Father never once forgave me

Still feel the blame seeping from within the grave

Will forgiveness come when I shall join them?

When will April tornado spinning end?


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