Moving on with moving out

Well, here it is, photography day. This is the second step in giving up my home. This afternoon the insides of my home will be plastered on the internet, kind of like an x ray for the world to see. Every thing in this house that said anything was me has been hidden into closets or boxed for moving or for a garage sale. I thought my closets were full to the brim and overflowing but the stager still found room somewhere in the house to store all the “stuff” she took off shelves and walls.

I have a friend who is turning into a minimalist. She is freeing herself of much of her decorations within her home. She even told me yesterday she is ridding herself of her beloved Wizard of Oz collection of Dororthy, Tin Man, etc. She must have at least forty of each character. I didn’t stop to count. Now E Bay will be picking the bones of her life long hobby. I have boxed up my owls, and bells, and angels, and apples, and mugs. I must have thirty mugs by now which were given to me as presents by my students. I have decided they will go to a garage sale. I can release them even though I think about hot chocolate in the winter. In reality I don’t have that many friends who come visit me to serve them hot chocolate to sit in front of the fireplace on a cold Texas day. Yes, it does occasionally get to be fireplace weather down here with our ice storms that blow through.

I’m pretty much writing this as a private journal again. My friend removed me from his very successful website and my readers fell from in the 20s (two days in the 40s) to five Saturday and two yesterday and I know one of the two.

That’s OK. I’m doing this to express my opinions. If I don’t have any readers, I do have a record of this time in my life. I seem to be going through some major changes these days. I think the changes are all for the good.

I am very surprised at myself. Usually when something emotional happens to me, I head right for the pantry and the ‘fridge for days of emotional eating and gorging trying to cover the pain. I didn’t know my friend that well to have much of an emotional attachment, but that would not have mattered before. I think standing up for my principles and not allowing someone to talk to me in innuendoes the way he did, did something to my psyche. I am feeling proud of the way I acted. It’s taken me way too long to get here, but I am going to believe this is a permanent change.

Much to do today. I’ve decided against rushing around to scrub my floors. I don’t think the video will show that much detail although you never know. I’m just not ready for a lot of physical activity this morning. It’s breakfast time.

I’m so glad you dropped by for a chat. Take care. Namaste. Attic Annie


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