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Everybody on stage now!


Good morning world! What a BEAUTIFUL morning! It’s raining rather steadily.  What a TREAT! There were reports of tornado activity earlier but we are out of that now and just into good steady rain. The sound is so conducive to wanting to go back to bed just to let the rain lull me back to sleep. When I wake up (I’m still in that groggy state) I have to start staging my house. The photographer is coming Monday morning to take pictures of my home for the internet. The stager/organizer  is coming Friday morning to get my home “picture perfect”. That means living a whole weekend in a showcase. My realtor said that 84% of all sales leads are now coming from the ‘net. I get ONE chance to affect 87% of the potential clients! Now THAT’s pressure. Some interesting numbers:

In 2003 a survey was conducted of the general membership of the international redesign organization, I.R.I.S. (Interior Redesign Industry Specialists) to compile statistics on homes that had been staged prior to their sale.
 Survey results?
5% of all staged homes sold the same day
2% of all staged homes sold within 2 days
9% of all staged homes sold within 3-5 days
84% of all staged homes sold within 5-30 days

That picture above in NOT my living room. My living room is just supposed to look like that. Better Homes and Gardens showcase quality. My OLD mind is saying “That ain’t gonna happen!” My NEW way of trying to think says, “It will be a challenge but it CAN be done.”

After I finish blogging today, I’ll see if my New thinking will be right. I can only hope! No, that’s not right. I need to make a positive affirmation. I WILL think right! ! It WILL be done.

I am a packrat. I know I’m going to have to start pitching because I’m planning to move to a smaller house. I just don’t know where to start. It’s been my experience that as soon as I give something away or throw it out, within the next week or month I need that very thing and end up going out to buy another. I’m not so bad as to have to have paths between mounds of stuff, but my closets are full to the brim. I do have one room that used to be a study. It does have a lot of framed pictures piled on a table and books on the sewing machine.  I decided to sell before I hung the pictures. Now it’s not worth it. I don’t know where to put anything. It’s an unfinished project.

I’m especially challenged when it comes to books I should/could give away. I’ll buy books with the intention of reading them but then it takes months or years sometimes to get around to that task. I have many unread books surrounding me waiting their turns. Boxing up my books to make them disappear will be the hardest task to do.

Maxine’s daughter-in-law staged her house to sell. She had family in the area and was able to take furniture and boxes to them for safe keeping. Susie is a type A personality to start with so it was physical labor for her (actually her husband’s and two boys) but not a mental labor of decision making. I have no such luck. I guess I’m going to have to either keep my “stuff”  here and just make it as presentable as possible, or rely on neighbors to store a box or two here, a piece of furniture there. This is the fourth time I’ve tried to sell a home. I always tried to keep things neat during the showing but I’ve never STAGED anything. It IS a new experience.

Here come the geckos!


 There is another problem I can foresee. This is the time of year for the geckos to come into houses to search for water. So far I have seen two in my bathroom and two in my kitchen sink. They don’t bother me nor most Texans. They do, however, startle those unfamiliar with such creatures. My cousin visited several years ago. She was in the bathroom when I heard a loud gasp! “Oh my Lord, “she says, “What are they?” When I calmly explained to her that they were harmless and actually paid for their boarding by eating bugs, she relaxed. By the end of the visit she actually had named them Mergatraud and Floyd! I’ve thought of making a sign “Beware of the Geckos!” but my realtor thought better of it. I’m just trying to save somebody the possibility of having a heart attack. Oh, and there are tarantulas living somewhere in my front yard. But, please, don’t let that secret out! It’s work time. Thanks for dropping by. Attic Annie

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