I Want Cowboy Boots


Last year I was challenged by a friend to write a poem about one of the things I often say. When talking about a relationship, I would often add, “I wouldn’t mind a pair of cowboy boots by the fireplace once in a while. This is what I came up with.

I Want Cowboy Boots

Attic Annie copyright 2007

In my entire lifetime

I’ve had a few love affairs

After the wedding the man I dated and finally married

Had just disappeard

He was replaced on our wedding night

by a husband I didn’t know

I loved that man with all my heart

I didn’t much like him though

I was the faithful partner

I didn’t stray as a wife

That’s my story.

That’s the tale of my life.

But my life I hope isn’t over

And at my age

I still want to roll in clover

You know that makes up hay

I want another love.

I want to get it right.

What I really really want

Is boots parked by my couch at night

Not every night of course

And maybe some afternoons

I’ve been singing the blues for way too long

It’s high time I changed my tunes (to arias…ah ah ah ah ah)

I want a certified nice guy

Not guys like in my past

Of course unlike selfish self-centered men

I know nice guys finish last (wink wink)

I’m not the slimmer figured gal

I was forty years ago

But on the inside

The embers still hotly glow

If you want a real nice gal

Come and warm with my fire

I probably could provide references (un uh)

Honey, you’ll never get much higher

So if you have a pair of boots

Cowboy, dress, or work

Let’s see how they look by my couch at night

But you better not be a jerk

Yes, my hair is gray and white

And my body pooches and sags

If you don’t mind I won’t ever wear a ring

I promise I’ll not be a nag

Yes, my life isn’t over

I want to get it right

I still want a pair of cowboy boots

Parked by my couch at night!


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