My first 16 days…this is WORK!

Hi there. Welcome. Come on in for a cuppa before I get ready for church. I’ve been writing now for sixteen days. I’ve never stuck with writing in my diary for that length of time. I’m beginning to view this as WORK!

But it’s fun work. Perhaps if I cut down on what I say every day I could have more time to do other things. But then I get rolling on a topic and 800 words later I’m summing up. Also, I am really trying to insert pictures into my blog. When I did the “Not into you” piece I must have tried for more than two hours to insert an image. I would click on “select all” on the IMDB site and transfer into my blog. I would then have to delete all the other stuff on the page. I would get very close to perfect and then the image would disappear. Poof! I’d have to start over again….and again….and again. Urrrrrrgh!



I gave up and gave it a rest. Then, determined as I can sometimes be, I found an image of the cover of the book rather than the movie IMDB site. Within a few minutes it was in my blog. It worked. It’s there! Another triumph.

To date, in these sixteen days I’ve had 162 visits. After I posted yesterday, within minutes I had two viewers! Wow! I wonder if they were waiting for me to open my house. The busiest day was Monday, July 20. There were 43 visits that one day! I cannot for the life of me figure out my statistics. When I add the number of visitors per blog, I get something like 127…NOT 162! Does it count if someone mistakening clicks on the wrong blog and comes up to a site but doesn’t read any of the blogs? I’m pondering.

I have written almost all my life. In third grade I rewrote “The Christmas Story” and got permission from the teacher for my fellow classmates to perform it. I remember doing it, in our bathrobes of course,  but not what we said. I’m sure it was original. Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus probably never heard it exactly that way before.

In fourth grade I attended a church youth presentation of a melodrama. I went home and rewrote it as close to word for word as I could get it. There must have been ten pages front and back that I handed in to my teacher for permission to perform the play. I never got it back. She must have tossed it along with other papers. As a teacher myself, I came to realize that that happens every so often. There is no way every paper that is handed in can be corrected and returned.

In fifth grade I found my humor. That was the first time we had writing circles and would read our works in front of other students. The one I remember the most was when I talked about floating in an innertube and a turtle bit my butt! I can’t remember if it actually happened or not but that wasn’t the point. The kids were laughing. The teacher wrote as a comment on my report card, “We enjoy her stories.” That was heady praise indeed since it came from one of the most sour teachers I believe I ever had.

Writing at times has saved my sanity. I would not have made it through high school if I didn’t have a pen and paper. It’s too bad I didn’t get a typewriter until I was a freshman in college. Kids today have so much more opportunity to save their work in electronic files. My writing just got pitched from time to time.

Well, gotta run. You are welcome to stay in the attic or on the front porch if you wish. I’ll be back by noon.


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  1. lewp

    You are doing great Annie. As I’m sure you know, writing is a passion. Writing is work, but when you enjoy something as writing, it’s really not work. Hang in there. The fruits of your labor are on low hanging trees.