I’m Going to Be a Mother!

Hi! Come on in. I’ve got news!

I’m so excited. I’ve been waiting since March! I’ve had to wait four months to find out!  I’m going to be a mother!

I remember planting a garden by myself in fifth grade in order to earn a girl scout badge. I followed all the preparations and planted my seeds. Somewhere between the planting of the seeds and the gathering of the crops, I’ve lost my recollections. I can’t remember if any of the seeds grew to maturity or not. I remember the process but not the product. I did earn the badge, however.  

Since then I’ve had a few houseplants but none of them really survived for any length of time. Eventually they all died out and I assumed I was going to have a brown thumb forever.

Last March I began paying attention to the ads for Topsy Turvy. It’s a hanging planter for tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, etc.


You’ll notice the number of tomatoes growing on this full, lucious plant. I was overjoyed at the prospect of having an abundance of tomatoes. My neighbor Maxine shares her tomatoes with me and I couldn’t wait until I could return the favor. I prepared the planter and decided on the best place to hang it in the covered patio. I found the exact spot in the corner where it would get light from windows on both sides.

The ads don’t say how heavy that thing will be when it is filled with dirt. I had to pound the hook to get it started into the ceiling and then use pliars to turn the hook until it was firmly set. It took all my strength to raise the planter over my head while standing on a step stool to  attach it to the hook. The day I hung it it was overcast so there was no sun to guide me.

I was so proud of my accomplishment. The next day I walked out on the patio and low! the topsy turvy was hanging directly in the one place where it would be in the shade. It seems the sun was directly behind the patio corner. A two foot wide shadow was cast diagonally between the two windows with my planter hanging right in the middle.

The planter does get sun from sunrise until approximately 10 AM when the sun moves behind the short corner walls.  I was told the planter would hold two tomato plants. I watered and watched, watered and watched. The two plants started to grow. They were kind of scrawny, not like the full bushes in the topsy-turvy ad, but they grew about two feet long.

Maxine came over Friday with the last tomato of her plants. I felt so discouraged. Yesterday I went out to faithfully water my plants and I spied two tiny yellow flowers blooming high on the plant with about three more buds nearby! It took my breath away! Even though the planter only allowed sun for a few hours instead of all day, eventually the reproduction process progressed. Now all I can do is pray that the bees can fly through the two patio doors and do their pollen thing. Maybe I’m a little premature in proclaiming my impending motherhood, but I can hope.

The vines of the sweet potato plant on the front porch are doing nicely. The tiny leaves that were on the vines in the kitchen have grown full size and multiplied in number. I’m trying to train the vines to wrap around the porch pole. A mother’s work is never done.

Last March I ordered two fast growing trees from an on-line nursery. When they arrived, they were just little babies. The ads said they would be 4″ to 12″ in height. Four inches was a generous description. These two trees are flowering Royal Empress. I planted them in two pots and stuck them on the patio in my “nursery”. They get more sun than my tomato plants and have grown from 4″ to about 14″ in three months. I may have a couple of Yao Ming’s on my hand. They’ve grown from infancy to toddlerhood rather quickly.

When I learn how to upload pictures, I’ll revisit this topic. In the meantime, I’m hoping my tomatoes will overload the planter, the sweet potato vine will completely cover the post and the Royal Empress trees wil grow to six feet by this time next year and provide my yard with beautiful purple flowers next spring. A mother can only hope for the total success of her children. It’s all up to them as to how much they will grow.

…and as for the reluctant tomatoes, if there are any, this mother plans to devour her young!


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