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Stretching the ol’ brain cells and finding a new friend

Good morning! Something woke me  up early. I’ll talk with you and maybe go back to sleep for a while before I have to usher at church this morning.

An interesting thing happened last night. A few weeks ago I met a gentleman who mentioned his blogging site. I read his blog a few days and then decided to be brave and start my own site. Thus, the birth of Annie’s Attic.

He was kind enough to volunteer to come over last evening to show me some of the tricks of upgrading my site. I followed most of it but it’s going to take me a while to practice what I remember. I was certainly learning something new. I could feel my neurons and synapses popping and crackling! That’s really great for somebody over 50! Seniors are supposed to keep their brains in gear.

Pretty brain synapse

Pretty brain synapse

I couldn’t have found a more patient teacher. I have a son who is also very computer literate but seems to think I can learn immediately. He becomes very patronizing and condescending. He’ll show me once at warp speed and then expect me to have it. He gets frustrated with me if he has to take the time to show me again. He is extremely computer literate. I’ll ask him a question and his fingers will fly over the keyboard as he says, “This is how it is done!” I feel safe saying this right now because he is not yet aware of this site! OK so I’m talking behind his back. Shame on me.

Anyway, my teacher last night remained extremely calm throughout the whole session, even when I had to do the same thing over and over. Some things worked and some things didn’t. He told me about flickr, you tube,vodpod, etc. He had volunteered to show me how to hyperlink but by the time we had already covered the other material, my brain was close to frying anyway. I took notes but looking at them now I am not at all sure I can translate what I wrote. My brain may be a sponge, but on some things it’s a very dry one that doesn’t begin to soak up new things very quickly. I did some things right. I even had the honor of receiving a fist bump in the process! Wow! Talk about positive motivation!

He now has over two hundred hits a day. After ten days, I’m up to five! I can learn from him. Oh, and his price was very reasonable…a piece of pizza, salad, and strawberry yogurt for dessert! You can’t beat that, now can you?

As with any new friendship there was a give and take conversation involved. It mostly started because of things he or I had already published on our blogs. This is where the brain brake really failed me. We talked about every topic one is not really supposed to discuss until a friendship is firmly established: health, religion, communicating with angels, diets, etc. Whoops! I’m wondering if he left thinking I’m a far out dingbat! I guess time will tell!

Does anyone know if there are books written about blogging? I am definitely a visual, kinesthetic learner. I have to see it and do it, most often several times. That’s why college classes often bored me and helped me to produce page after page of doodles! If I only hear it, I most often don’t get it! That’s what happens to me in church. The minister’s talk may be interesting and hold my attention but most often the great majority of it has already leaked back out  before I’ve shaken hands at the end of the service. Speaking of which, it’s time to try the bed again so I’m awake enough to collect the money! I hope you have a good day.

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