Life’s Little Side Trips

Welcome to the attic. Yes, I know it is evening instead of morning, but that’s OK. You can relax with me after a day of stress. I’ll tell you about my day.

Take one constant activity morning, add in third night of lack of sleep, mix in lunch with a bunch of wild and crazy old ladies and you’ve got a combo that really can pack a wallop.

This morning was going to be slow and easy. As usual, with my cabinets bare, I headed to the grocery store  giving myself  plenty of time to shop and put the groceries away before cleaning up and meeting friends for lunch. I figured I would have plenty of time to come home, blog, take a shower, and appear fresh for our lunch time out.

I had noticed yesterday that my tire didn’t look firm. On a whim, since I have to pass Discount Tire Company on my way to the mart, I pulled in to have the tire pressure read. I didn’t really have time to do it, but it was one of those automatic turns that I sometimes experience.  When I bought two new tires in April, the sales person informed me that the store checks pressure monthly for free! What a deal! I hate to put air in my tires. I hadn’t even looked at the tire that morning, figuring I’d have the pressure checked next week.

As I was waiting at the bay for service, a man standing nearby said, “You’ve got a flat.”  I replied, “Well, when I looked at it yesterday I noticed it was a little down.” He repeated, “No, this tire is FLAT. I can see the nail you ran over. ” There went the casual morning I anticipated. By this time the waiting room was already full. I had no choice but to wait. My guardian angel had whispered in my ear one more time. I would not have even noticed the tire. Stopping at the tire store was not on my list of things to do.

I shopped as quickly as possible and rushed home, within the speed limit of course, to put away the groceries. My friend called saying, “Did you get my message? You sound out of breath.” I told her of my morning and she agreed to pick me up at my house, thus giving me a few more precious minutes to prepare. Only the refrigerated items got put away. The shower was passed up, a little make-up applied, and I was off to meet my lunchmates.

I really enjoy this group of women. We have all come to know each other and, believe me, we have reached the point where there are no holds barred when it comes to topics of conversation. I firmly count laughter as a form of exercise, and I ate as I exercised for almost two hours.

Fortunately we had tables behind a wall in the tea room in a larger group room. The others in the front part could not hear what we were saying, but I’m sure they were wondering what was happening. The sounds of recorded birdcalls almost blaring from the speakers saved us the embarrassment of others hearing the content of our talk. Our converation included one of the women planning to see Bruno tomorrow and the eye candy seen at the end of my driveway when my friends picked me up. I have a young college man who helps me occasionally with yard work. Since it was hot, he was working shirtless.  My friends were quite impressed. The quality of talk went down from there amid peals of laughter. We may be somewhat older, but there’s not a single dead one in the bunch! My sterotypical idea of the decorum of older women flew out the window many years ago.

We shopped for a while and returned home around 3 PM. I sat down to relax for a few moments and immediately slept the sleep of the dead for almost two hours. Do you ever wake up unable to move, feeling practically paralyzed? It was one of those naps. It was not at all refreshing.

My concsience told me to come blog and my body kept yelling, “I don’t wanna!” I really do know the importance of being regular with my input. As soon as I gave in and sat down, my phone rang. Of course I had to talk with another friend. Thus it is now 7:30 PM instead of 7 AM but here I am. The rest of the groceries are still going to wait until tomorrow. I’m heading off to the shower and watching TV from my bedroom. I don’t think insomnia will bother me tonight. Maybe my guardian angel will give me more direction as to where my life is heading at this point. It seems my path may be beginning to veer a little in a different direction. I hope so. It’s what makes this life trip interesting.  Enjoy the rest of the evening and sleep well.

Attic Annie


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