Finding Friends

Welcome to my attic! There’s unsweetened ice tea and iced coffee on the bar. Help yourself. Yes, there is sugar there if you wish.

As of yesterday evening, I’ve had ten visitors. I felt like decamom! Taking the step to blog on line is similar to giving birth. I labored for six days…waiting for something, to know that someone was out there.

Now I have to admit that I cheated a little and asked three friends for their opinions, but that still leaves the others and one this morning! Perhaps this is the wrong venue for setting up conversations, but I know of no others yet. Chat rooms are a little too noisy. I do love the give and take of good talk!

Many years ago I had a subscription to e Over the 4th weekend, the site offered free communication so I decided to be curious. The ones I was matched with I felt weren’t at all compatible but I thought I’d start communication with several of them anyway. E harmony kept sending me matches after the weekend so I kept responding. They finally caught up with me today and realized I had not bought into their plan. My matches were hidden from me again. Who knows? He MIGHT have been there….but I doubt it.

This was a common theme of those with whom I was matched. They drank several times a week, were into sports, athletic activities, and physical training. They considered themselves religious Christians. More than one cited The Purpose Driven Life as their favorite book. For the most part I’m guessing they were very fundamental or evangelical. (See Connecting with God)

I’ve been baptised, confirmed, and a member of six different congregations during my spiritual path search. None of them until my present group fulfilled my needs. I don’t need to be told every day that Jesus Saves! I need a blood bath! God is a vengeful dominant alpha male who loves me. That is not me! Oh, and they did not seem to be interested in a cougar! purrrrrrrrr

This is me in my  eyes: I am somewhat shy until I get to know someone. I know that I have been perceived as not always immediately warm and kissy huggy but that is from initially holding back waiting to be accepted rather than accepting first….AND being reared in a second generation stereotypical German clan. This habit has been deeply imbedded for reasons best not disclosed now but I’m working on it.

I have a sense of humor which sometimes backfires. I run my mouth without putting my brain in gear. I don’t TRY to be funny, it just kind of oozes out of me. Sometimes I joke with complete strangers and I’m positive they don’t know where I am coming from and don’t know how to take me. I do know that sometimes I can be mercilous. If I find someone who really appreciates my humor I sometimes get them laughing until they are ROLTFLT(their)AO! I have a childhood friend and of course Maxine (see chillin’) who are delicious victims.

I’m up for doing almost anything with anybody but I’m not good at entertaining myself. I don’t  especially enjoy sports…maybe a good baseball game….and I’ve never really actively participated in any sporting activity for reasons I’ll not disclose now.  It seems I attract as friends those who have busy lives with jobs and family. Having neither, I wait until I am called to do things on THEIR schedules. I’m working on cultivating friends who have more free time.

I do not drink very often. … maybe a few beers or glasses of wine a year. When I was in my 20s that was a common way of life for me on weekends. I was a very responsible person during the week but the weekends were meant to partaaaaaay! I had many relationships during those years but most of them were based on drinking. It’s much more difficult to establish a relationship sober.  I married a man who was a teddy bear drunk while we were dating. He became luvey dovey and very huggable after a few drinks as did I.  After the wedding, the teddy bear disappeared and a huge grizzley was in my home. I decided because of our son one of us had to remain sober or I’d pull a McNair on our sorry butts. I’m bottle shy because of that period of my life.

Maxine (chillin’) dropped over for a chat and the fence repair man arrived for an estimate. I hate interruptions while I’m trying to think. That usually leaves 23 hours when I don’t mind being interrupted.

Now, if you are still there, tell me a little about yourself. I’m listening.

Attic Annie


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