Connecting with God

I joined a church new to me about four years ago. I knew when I first walked into the building that I had arrived. The philosophy of this particular group of believers is that there are many paths to ONE God. That is ONE GOD not ONE way.

I always had a problem growing up about unbaptised babies not being able to go to heaven. In my small home town during much of my childhood the biggest difference of the religious folk was whether you were Lutheran or Methodist. The older I got in elementary school I discovered some of my friends were Catholic. They couldn’t eat meat on Friday and had to drive into the next biggest town to go to church.

The older I got, the more diverse the religion of the townfolk became. However, to my knowledge, as of this day there are no churches other than Christian based in my home town.

My freshman year of college I came home at Christmas with the news I was dating a young Jewish man. That did not go over with the family at all. Surely this kind young man would be admitted to heaven but my family certainly didn’t think so.

I often wondered about the billions of people who have lived on this earth who had never heard of Jesus Christ. Why would they not be admitted to this wonderful heaven that had been promised only to us? I could never resolve just basing it on “having faith” that that is the way it is.

After I married, I tried unsuccessfully to find a church that my husband would like. It never happened and he stopped going to church with me so I stopped going also. When we split, I spent the next twenty years unchurched. I would often say when asked that I felt I was very spiritual but not very religious. The rote recitations of creeds on Sunday didn’t resonate with me. My voice was hollow.

Any way, when I walked into my present church it met all the criteria that I had for a new congregation, but most importantly, I discovered that almost everyone was a free thinking spirit like myself. I was finally home and I knew it.


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