Thinking of Home

July 10 Thinking of Home

I just returned from watching a local theater music production. It’s called Spitfire Grill about a small town in Wisconsin. Among other things, the play brings out the importance of the colors of fall. Every once in a while I think about returning to my home town in central Illinois. I’ve been away from it for 34 years already. I especially miss autumn when on good years the whole countryside blazes with color. For many years I’ve wanted to walk through the woods to the little water fall (I think about three foot high) that’s deep in one of the ravines. My home town was built on several high hills with deep gashes separating them. Several years ago deer came back to the area so I am not as sure that it would be safe to walk through the woods any more. The big buck that my cousin can see out of her kitchen window would not be a treat to meet.
I have no idea why the thought of returning home crosses my mind. The heat down here in Texas is brutal some years but I still prefer it (as long as I have air conditioning) to the winters up there. Last year winter lasted from early fall to late spring. No thank you.



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