Chillin’ on the front porch

I have a neighbor who some time ago discovered that she and I could solve the problems of the world by sitting on the glider on my front porch. She called this morning about 9 and asked for about 10 minutes. There is actually time in the morning when the breeze is blowing to enjoy the out of doors for a few moments before the oven door is opened.

We don’t usually talk about much. Our conversations range from religion to local politics to discussions about our mutually dysfunctional families and friends. If anyone ever held a contest for a photograph of a real live Maxine, she would win hands down. She’s only somewhat like her in character but I think the creator of Maxine must have used her as a model.

We seldom really solve any problems but we have mutually silently agreed that it is safe to share our daily lives. That’s important. She’s the only one whom I can trust to not only hear what I have to say but to hear what I don’t say also. Those friends are rare.

I went on a week’s vacation in June. I forgot I had a sweet potato left on my kitchen counter. When I returned there were several vines growing from the top. I put the other end into water in a clear glass mug and just left it on the counter. What I can’t understand is that my kitchen has one small window which faces north north west so there is very little light until late afternoon when the sun comes in diagonally…never hitting the sweet potato. It decided to thrive anyway. I decided to show my vines to my neighbor and to leave the plant on the front porch. I’ll see if it will thrive more even though it won’t be getting much more light than it did in my kitchen. She’s concerned that some neighborhood critter will eat the potato at night. Some plants, animals, and humans are like that. They are determined to grow even though their surrounding environment lacks warmth and sunshine and in some instances can be downright hazardous to our health.


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